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Regularly updated 100% free erotic stories - no popups - mobile friendly - no charges, ever! contains hot erotic free sex stories of a sexually explicit nature. These erotic tales include stories not found on Literotica, or anywhere else online, and are intended for mature minded adult readership only.

Hi There! I'm Mandy, the stories listed on our website will appeal to a wide range of people including both straight and gay men and women. Some stories will be of interest to our female readers, straight or lesbian, with some excellent writings on sensuous erotica.

Other writings include straight, gay and lesbian tales, with areas for readers of group sex, swinger tales, stories of horny housewives, interacial sex, and spanking - including BDSM.

Although often referred to as porn stories many women and men find these stories stimulating, and often read them together in bed as a form of foreplay. However, some topics may be of a taboo nature for some readers - for example, first time or virgin sex, family incest etc., and may also include themes of Male Domination and Femdom, or Lesbian Fantasy.

Here at we publish the sexiest stories you will find online, but be aware some tales may include the occasional naughty pictures of naked women and/or men, depict sexual acts and contain tales of family incest and tabboo.

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Latest Stories

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  • The Halfway Inn - Chapter 2 - I kept wanking us together, my rhythm becoming faster and my grip more firm... Story published Dec 7, 2014 in our Gay erotic stories section. Author: Robert Furlong.
  • Thirty One Days - Chapter 27 - This is the 27th chapter of the sexy story Thirty One Days, a challenge that involves sex, thirty-one women, and will take 31 days.... Story published Nov 26, 2014 in our Erotic Stories section. Author: Ronan Jackson Jefferson.
  • My Bi-Sexual Road Trip - Chapters 50 - 51 - I brought one hand down and ran it back up her leg and under her skirt and round to find her pussy and my fingers found her long lips and pushed between them and worked on her clit... Story published Nov 23, 2014 in our Sex Story Series section. Author: Deepprobsix.
  • Cock Worshipper - PART 9 - My counsellor gave me a free rein with this journal entry so I decided it should be about My Very First Wank... Story published Nov 17, 2014 in our Gay erotic stories section. Author: Jason Kason.
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  • Cock Worshipper - PART 8 - Each cock has its own wonderful and unique gifts to bestow on those who offer their praise...... Story published Nov 9, 2014 in our Gay erotic stories section. Author: Jason Kason.

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