Aiden Moore Bukkake

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Author: B2B
Category: Gay Erotic Stories
Published: Jan 10, 2009
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Short Quote From the Story: Two teen boys make a dare to make a move on a black man sitting in a restaurant. When one of the boys makes his move, they realize the man is not only huge and with many friends nearby, but he doesn't care for white people. What follows is a stomach wrenching and painful gangbang in the middle of a packed restaurant. A gay porn that will send chills down your spine and quench the thirst of bukkake fans.

Info: Aiden Moore, 18, of Daytona Beach Florida stars in his first of three gay bukkake films "50 Dicks, 1 Boy". Filming takes place at a privately owned Denny's restaurant in Tampa Bay Florida, with casting having taken nearly 3 months to complete due to strict STD testing. While the title claims to have 50 participants for the bukkake, only 48 arrived for the filming. A secret spilled by one of the participants was that even with 48 men, the producer did not feel there was enough semen in the final bukkake scene. Most of the participants were unable to hold their ejaculations through the prior 45 minutes of sexual activity. While most of the semen was in fact real, a special batch of home made semen was strategically squirted onto Aiden during the final bukkake scene. Producer "Big John" and wife Bobbi of B2B wanted to make audiences gasp and get their pulses racing by introducing gay porn's first rather violent interracial gay bukkake scene. Although the cast playing the waitresses and diners were white, Aiden Moore played the only "sexually active" caucasian actor in the movie. All 48 partipants for the sex scenes and final bukkake scene were African American. Gay bukkake has caught on like wild fire after the explosion of hetero bukkake in mainstream porn.

Recap: A confused teenage male questions his sexuality and takes up his friend on a rather obscene dare. Challenged to make a sexual advance on "the hot black dude at the back table", Bryce (Aiden Moore) follows through and ends up getting a ride of a lifetime. When he realizes the man he had touched inappropriately was 6'5", 240 lbs and had a grudge against white people, he knew he had problems. With the support of his friends at nearby tables, the "hot black dude" humiliates Bryce by forcing him to strip nude in the middle of the packed restaurant and perform oral sex on all of them. From the perspective of a cell phone camera (with the impression the events are being recorded by a onlooker) the group of men pin Bryce to a table and take turns having their way. As Bryce struggles with tears rolling down his cheek, the movie continues for what seems to be a never ending onslaught of painful anal sex and rough deep throat penetrations one right after the other. The final and big-moment scene is of course the bukkake, with all the participants ejaculating massive amounts of semen in the mouth and on the face of an exhausted Bryce. The movie ends with Bryce's friend entering the restaurant giggling after the crowd has left and snickering "at least you're not a chicken", referring to the dare that was the root of the day's events.

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