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  • Detroit Changes Our Lives - My wife had never talked to me like that during sex and my cock was beginning to swell watching this.
  • Brother and Sister - Kirsty thrust her hips up and my tongue entered between her lips and her perfect tasting juice ran onto my tongue flicking my tongue up and down her slit sucking on her big clit was sending her wild.
  • The Taking of a White Family - Part 1 - A white family travels to Uganda for work and finds much more.
  • The Taking of a White Family - Part 2 - Master Carama had already naked, his black cock becoming hard as he was walking towards my wife.
  • The Taking of a White Family - Part 3 - Luke struggled as his mouth was full of the dark meat, the soldier holding his hair as he began to forcibly fuck his face harder and faster.
  • A Spanking for the Soul - Edward placed one hand on the small of her back and the other lightly rubbed her lifted bottom.
  • The Illusionist - I am a not sure how or when but I realized that I was now laying back in the seat totally naked and my legs were spread playing with myself.
  • The Tennis Player's Injury - I had to be bold if I wanted to see this cock, to touch it and maybe even suck it and I did want to do that.
  • Office Politics - My cock pulsed, and I slid it out just in time to send jets of pure, white cum streaming across his buff shoulders and the small of his back.
  • Looking Back: Knowing Now Thinking About Then - My Mom had many boyfriends and I would wait until she would leave the light of the fire and when I would sneak away to watch the girls as they would kiss and get naked with everyone.
  • Furlong Four Play - Part 2 - The lads test Uncle Rob's sense of smell by blindfolding him and giving him a few things to sniff....
  • A Good Wife - Don reversed his hand, touched my open labia, and slipped his fingers into my saturated vagina - first one finger, then two.
  • Fit to Be Tied - Fit to be Tied is an interracial lesbian story with a little light bondage.
  • Furlong Four Play - Part 1 - Jake’s friend Marcus comes to visit the Furlong household and he quickly hits it off with Shane, Jake’s cousin from Australia.
  • Friday Night at the Furlongs - Part 3 - Jake joins Shane to watch his dad having sex with Guy, and his cousin suggests that they try it out for themselves alongside the two older men.
  • Family Week - The mother's planned ahead and for the next 3 nights had their son's and nephews eat their pussies, and suck out their Dad's and Uncles cum loads.
  • Robin Hoe Hero - 1 - Practically on a daily basis, he would get requests to share photos with the group - he hesitated at first but finally agreed, making just a few simple rule.
  • Friday Night at the Furlongs - Part 2 - Uncle Rob invites his friend Guy over to reassure Shane by demonstration that sex between men can be both intense and beautiful....
  • Lara On the Hood of His Car - She bent down, took his sex in her mouth and, closing her eyes to shut the surroundings away, started to suck him.
  • I Have the Best Husband Ever - One thing I was always intrigued by, but had never tried, was being screwed by two guys at that same time.
  • Gisele Becomes a Blowin' Cougar - Jason got harder and harder and the length of his penis had already nearly doubled now.
  • Friday Night at the Furlongs - Part 1 - Shane realises how much he likes the idea of sex with other guys but after playing around with his cousin Jake and Uncle Rob, he becomes worried about the practicalities of it.
  • Adventurous - I sucked the life out of him until he cum in my mouth and swallowed it like the cum loving slut I really am.
  • Air BNB - When Dave rents a room from a gay couple to save money on a hotel, he gets a surprise in the morning after he knocks on their bedroom door.
  • Bedroom Antics: A Victorian Cautionary Tale - This is a Victorian Cautionary Tale concerning two young people married to each other by order of their fathers, and for business reasons. Their wedding night, and subsequent events prove difficult for the uninformed youngsters, but they are helped by an older lady's maid.
  • The Hand Jobs - I loved watching her masturbate our friend and my cock kept growing and began to ache.
  • Further into the Furlongs - Chapter 2 - Shane and his cousin get each other excited so they can snapchat pictures of their boners to Uncle Rob.
  • Louie's Treat - My cock throbbed as she rubbed her tits and her beautiful dark triangle of thick curly pussy hair..
  • A Very Personal Party of 7 from 8 - I slipped my right hand thru her partially open Toga and clutched her pussy, thru some very sexy green panties, fully cupping it with my fingers pushing up into her cunt.
  • My New Housekeeper - My finger tip found what it was searching for her round rough spot of skin her G-spot and as my finger touched it her body shook once more and her legs clamped together as much as they could as she climaxed....
  • Cora and Chris - She slipped between them with his cock straight up, swollen red, stiff, opened her mouth and slowly deep throated, all the way down till she was crushing his engorged nuts.
  • 4 Became 5 - She turned on her stomach, her fine, well oiled ass cheeks spread open exposing every bit of her cunt lips and ass hole.
  • The Repairman's Treat - She ran her tongue along the length of my cock and covered the head with her lips and sucked..
  • Homecoming - I spread her legs wide and put a hand under the each cheek, lifting her pussy to my mouth.
  • Further into the Furlongs - Shane decides to spend a few more days with his cousin and uncle. That night, still jet-lagged and unable to sleep, he takes a trip to the bathroom and is intrigued by sounds coming from along the corridor.
  • What Happened in Harvey's Room - Part 2 - Sloppy Seconds - After the circle jerk, Harvey shows Grant how much fun sex can be when it's just the guys who are doing it....
  • Meat Lovers - I held on to my cock and stroked while he banged me, his thrusts getting wilder and rougher, slamming his pelvis so hard against me that it hurt..
  • Prison Punk - I bent over at the waist and reached back with my hands grasped my ass cheeks with my hands and spread my ass apart as far as I could.
  • List of Foods Said to be Aphrodisiacs - Explains what aphrodisiacs are and lists some of the products and substances that you may not have heard of.
  • How to Tell if a Woman or Girl is Leading You On - Information regarding how to tell if a female is just leading you on and what you should do about it.

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