Danish Delight

This erotic sex story published on Jan 31, 2005 was written by Winestoned Plowboy and is from our Short stories section.
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"When we got to the car, I was attempting to open her side for her and she pretended to drop her purse at my feet"

A few years ago, I was involved in a very intense relationship with my Danish girlfriend. We rented a cottage for the weekend in Whiteshell Provincial Park here in Manitoba. The cottage had everything, jaccuzzi, fireplace, it was huge, with a rental price to match.

Our second night there, after I barbequed some steaks and had a candlelit dinner, Christine and I were cleaning up the dishes. She playfully began flicking me with the dish towel as I tried to wash. I told her to stop it but this just encouraged her. She was trying to start something. I grabbed her by the wrists and she resisted. I overpowered her and picked up and sat her on the kitchen countertop. I struggled with her clothes and soon she was almost naked. The fridge/freezer was within my reach. As I held her in position with one hand, I opened the freezer compartment with the other. Without even knowing what was available, I fumbled around and grabbed a container of frozen yugourt, strawberry flavour. I popped the lid and scooped up a generous glob with two fingers. I smeared it all over her her breasts and began licking it off. She told me it was too cold, but I told her wasn't finished yet. I scooped out a bigger glob and penetrated her her, smearing it all over her pubics. She cryed "OWW.... IT"S SO COLD"! I licked it away and she was absoluely LOVING it. I scooped some more and repeated the process a couple more times, until she finally climaxed. It took her a while to do so, about 10 minutes.

After that, she would leave me little hints with yogourt. When we went to dinner once, she ordered strawberry yogourt for desert and gently teased me under the table with one of her heels. I couldn't wait to get out of the restaurant. Walking back to the car, I couldn't even hide the fact that I was extremely horny, and she noticed my erection too. She slapped my butt a couple of times and giggled, then kept her distance as she knew my erection would stop me from catching her. She continued to taunt me in this way. When we got to the car, I was attempting to open her side for her and she pretended to drop her purse at my feet. I looked at her with an expression that said "well, I'm not going to pick it up". She motioned to bend down to pick up her purse and that was it. I grabbed her and threw her up on the hood of my car. We had a five to seven minute "quicky" and I didn't even care that there was a security camera that I'm sure caught at least part of our act. I think the voyeurism factor was part of the turn-on for her.

It was the best sex I ever had in my life.

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