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"Looking at her I could see that she was not wearing a bra, and after a closer look, no panties"

It all started when I began dating my soon-to-be wife. Her sister Joan was 10 yrs my senior,but very sexy.Big breasts (and always showing them),hard nipples, but with a young innocence - you could not help but fall for her.

We were all very close, so in the beginning we used to go everywhere together, family and social events.Then we started to go out together socially, Joan (with her husband staying at home) me and my wife Anne. Anne loved her sister so much that she used to encourage us to dance together constantly.Joan was not much into fast dancing but loved to slow dance. At first I felt a little awkward dancing slow, but then feeling her breasts pressed against my chest and her pussy ever so lightly grinding against my cock was more than I could handle.

I found more and more reasons to see Joan for any excuse.If she needed anything done around the house I would be there to help out. But it always ended up with the music playing and we were dancing.Only slow songs so we could grind our bodies together slowly at first then the pace would pick up. But for some reason we would always be interrupted...except for this one time.

Joan had called me to come over and help her with moving some furniture. When I got there she told me that her husband had taken the children to see their grandparents in Long Island. She was dressed in a white tank top and matching white shorts. Looking at her I could see that she was not wearing a bra, and after a closer look, no panties.

So I rearranged her living room, all the while peeking at her tits as she bent down.We did a lot of moving and I did work up a sweat. I asked Joan if was alright if I took a shower. She gave me a towel and I went into the bathroom. About half way through my shower the shower door slid open and there was Joan..totally naked. Breasts with hard nipples pointed right at me. She began to soap me from top to bottom, stopping in between--she stroked my shaft up and down as we kissed, sticking my tongue deep in her throat while grinding my body against hers . It really was different with no clothes on to feel her naked body pressed against mine. She dropped to her knees and took my cock deep into her mouth, sucking me slowly at first,then pumping me in and out of her mouth faster and faster until I shot a big load which she drank it all.

We hugged and got out of the shower, dried each other off and lay on the bed. We started to fondle each other and she guided me down to her cunt which was real wet and not from the shower. I licked her clit and fingered her with one then two fingers,pumping my fingers,sucking on her clit until she had a great orgasm. By then I was rock hard and mounted her and I began fucking her real hard and real fast until we both came together.

My wife does not know but Joan and I get together as many times as far I have been able to juggle sisters.....a lucky man!

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