Play Rough

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on May 10, 2008 was written by Freddy and is from our Short stories section.
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"He walked to the bed and put her down thrusting in and out over and over as deep and hard as he could"

Her anger with him still rushed through her veins, yet her touch was so soft. She pushed him on the bed, and lightly climbed atop of him. Settling herself on his pelvis, she traced his abs with her finger over his shirt. His hands slowly rubbed up and down her thighs.

After teasing him for several minutes she leaned down and kissed him softly at first, then so rough she felt his teeth against hers. His hands rubbed up and down her back then grabbed and massaged her ass and she started to kiss his neck. As she kissed his neck her hands explored his chest, rubbing over his tight body in and out of his shirt.

She broke her kisses for a second to rip off this Led Zeppelin T-Shirt, and then began kissing his collar bone. Moving lower and lower until she was finally kissing just beneath his belly button, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down. Sliding herself off she pulled off his pants as fast as she could, then the boxers.

At first she rubbed his thighs to tease him, and then bent down letting her tongue play with his tip for a few minutes. He finally gripped her hair as she took him all the way in. Bobbing up and down slowly she continued to rub his thighs.

She kept going until she felt him getting harder in her mouth then she snapped back up and licked her lips. His eyes seemed to look at her with hunger. He grabbed her small waist and flipped her on the bed.

Now with him on top he began to bite at her nipple while his hand rubbed lightly at her clit in small circles. She moaned and squirmed wanting more, finally almost grinding at his hand he slipped a finger in.

She was soaking wet so his finger slipped in at out fast. Her moans got louder in return. Suddenly he stopped, kissing down her stomach then finally at her vulva. She clenched the bed sheets, still squirming. His tongue swirled around her clit at first then played with it moving up and down.

Her moans now filled the room, as they turned uncontrollable.

Finally she couldn’t take it anymore; she pushed his head from her and pushed him against the wall as hard as she could. He picked her up by the waist, and she locked her legs around him. Thrusting hard into her, she screamed with pleasure. He walked to the bed and put her down thrusting in and out over and over as deep and hard as he could. Her hands rubbed lightly up and down his back as first then her nails dug into his skin drawing blood.

Finally unable to control herself she bit down on his collar bone as hard as she could feel him tremble atop of her. She felt the warm blood rush into her mouth and quickly lapped it up. His breathing quickened and suddenly the both came to a satisfying climax.

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