Mom gets more than a Good Night Kiss

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" Mom loves to walk around the house in just her panties after she showers the house is hot and we have no a/c"

Mom loves to walk around the house in just her panties after she showers the house is hot and we have no a/c.

I have grown use to seeing her bare tits they are not real large and they sag a little.

Her white cotton panties cover her bush and I have never seen it.

One night in the fall she showered and put on a loose robe and sat on the couch to watch some tv, she must have fallen asleep,because when I walked in her robe was open and I saw her hairy pussy for the first time. It was beautiful and as I watched she moved and her legs opened a little more that gave me a full view of her whole slit.

I couldn't do anything but stand there and stare at her womanhood, it had more hair that I thought it would have, my heart was racing so I thought she would hear it.

I don't to this day know what came over me,but I dropped to my knees and put my face it between her legs and started licking her slit. It started to get wet and her legs were open wider now she began to moan just a little so I keep running my tongue up and down,she picked up her ass and my tongue went into her hole she was realy moving now, but she never opened her eyes just keep moaning.

Next she grabbed the back of my head and gave my face a good fucking, I guess she was cuming as she was wetting my entire face with her pussy juice. She bucked my face a couple more times and my nose went in her cunt then she lay still.

My prick was as hard as a rock and I wanted to fuck her so I crawled up on her as her legs were wide open and her hole was soaking wet. My prick was right at the opening and the lips were ready to swallow my cock I was afraid she would stop me so I drove it in with one push. She let out a moan and I knew it didn't hurt her.

My first entry to a cunt it was wonderful,my cock is only 6" long and she took it all with one push, I didn't know how fast or slow to go so I just pushing it into her.

She was awake now and told me she didn't want me to cum in her. I begged it felt so good I didn't want to jerk off I told her.

She let me keep puting it to her and I guess she knew when I was ready because she pushed me off and said make me suck your cock. How I asked just tell me to and push my head down on it. I did as she said and pushed her down to the floor and spread my legs and said suck my cock, Now.

She took my cock in her hand and put it in her mouth and started sucking it like it was a candy cane. My cock was ready to shut its load and I yelled suck my cock you cocksucker and she did, my cum filled her mouth and was running out the sides and down her chin and throat she opened her mouth and spit my cum all over me I scooped it up and rubbed it on her face and tits she started laughing we are quite a pair, aren't we.

Mom I loved that, but I want to cum in your cunt. You can honey, but we must use a condom.

Mom how did you learn to suck like that I have never seen you with a man.

How did you learn to eat pussy I never see you with a girl.

I love my Mom...

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