Naughty Nurse

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"Her mouth was so tight and wet you would have thought you was fucking a virgin"

I remember a couple months back when I was outside in the compound playing ball. Iím driving down the middle to go up for a layup, Muhammad scores. When I came down I land on my ankle the wrong way. Oh shit man I think I fucked my ankle up. The guards came over to take me down to the nurse. Nurse Pat Muhammad can you check out Muhammad he got injured outside in the yard, well Muhammad I think you have to go to the county hospital you messed your ankle up pretty bad.

As I am being escorted into the hospital a thick chocolate brown chick about 5í5 and 195 catches my eye. The guards take me back in a private room, the nurse will be in shortly to assess you Muhammad. Muhammad this is nurse Azizah she will be the one taking caring of you while youíre here at county general. Itís the thick chick from earlier. So how did you hurt your ankle, playing ball. Are you in any pain, yeah. Is there anything I can do to ease the pain, yeah, ok what is it? I donít know how to say it. Ok well Iím going to take your vitals is that ok. Yeah I guess. As she is taking my vital I get a better look at this broad, she is wearing a white nurseís dress, which comes in to the middle of her thigh; her first 3 buttons on her dress are undone her tit tits are at least DD. Theyíre just poppin out her bra; her nipples are big and hard as you can see them in that dress. And from the back well let me just say the bitch got an ass that put Delicious to shame! All done Muhammad.

You know Muhammad I always wanted to fuck a convict. Really, well I always wanted to fuck a nurse hmm. She leans over and whispers in my ear, you know I can suck a mean dick. Really. yup. As she lifts up and walks out the room. I doze of for a few to wake up to Nurse Azizah giving me a sponge bath. So what do you like to be called when your being fucked. Pimp. Hmm and what would you like to call me bitch. Hmm. As she washes me down my dick is rock hard I havenít fucked in almost 3 years damn I want some wet ass pussy. She starts massaging on my dick. Damn ya dick is big. Damn. Can I suck ya dick? Yeah suck on ya pimp dick. Show me why you wanna be my bottom bitch. She starts sucking on the head of my dick, flickering her tongue all around it. She go down a little further on the shaft, I grab on to her reddish brown hair and start fucking her in her mouth. Her mouth was so tight and wet you would have thought you was fucking a virgin. Oh yeah bitch suck this dick suck this dick. As Iím pushing her head into me, I feel my nut coming up but I wasnít letting go, I was gonna cum all in this broad mouth. Oh shit, yeah bitch swallow that cum swallow it. This broad is crazy she swallowed my cum and didnít complain. She was right she do suck some dick. Now Iím ready to fuck. Well are we gonna fuck? Well I didnít have intentions on giving you no pussy. What? I like to be fucked in the ass. Well your gonna have to do most of the work, I have a bad ankle remember. Yeah I got it. She lifts my dick up and pours KY Jelly down it, she sits on me like she is about to ride me and eases my dick in her ass, she eases all my dick up into that phat ass of hers. Play with my pussy Muhammad.

I open up her pussy and itís all nice a pink and wet. As I reach for her clit, I see her juices trickling out. I take my thumb and rub it over her clit. Oh yeah like that press it harder, the harder I pressed the faster she was working that ass. Her ass was so tight with every stroke her ass clinched on to my dick. Rub this bitch pussy, Muhammad fuck me like the bitch I am. Oh shit yeah, like that bust my ass, as her ass is moving faster, I stick 3 fingers inside her pussy , you like that, yeah , yeah finger fuck me finger fuck me. Aww Muhammad make me cum. Fuck this bitch the way she needs to be fuckedÖ

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