Final Exam

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"What started out as a make up test turns horny as one school girl discovers what the teachers really do after school"

The names Kat. Kathy really. And Im a Sophmore at Westheimer College. Im pretty attractive if I do say so my self .Im 5 foot 4 inch and Ive got a BIG ,FULL, ROUND, pair of 32 CCs and a nice round ass Ive got a nice shaved ebony pussy .


Can you keep a secret. Ive got one and it's very sexy.


I was sick on Fri so I missed my finals. My teacher Mrs Gregory had told me to stay aftr school on Monday so she could give me my make up test. So I wated behind while the rest of my class left. That day Id worn a short black miniskirt and a red low-cut top that showed off my very full breasts. I was so bored.

Kat! Glad to see you made it.

Well, this is a very important grade ma'am

I realize that so lets get on with the--

Just then the Dean of our school Ms Raiz came in

Julia theirs a staff meeting in ten minutes PLEASE be there.

Ill try Marsha.

So Im ten minutes into this thing when. She says

Oh shit I am so late and she really NEEDS me

ill do it tomorrow

No come by the office when your done

My brain hurts and Im tired so I run by the office when I see Ms Gregory and Ms Raiz on a desk .I dont believe it but I think theyre fucking! Ms Raiz is licking MsGregory's pussy and she's moaning like crazy She pull back up and motion me inside.

Umm I dont know a bout this .

Well we do and we are going to teach you


They pull me close and kiss me on my lips and on my neck Ms Raiz moves down an kissen and sucking my large tits. I let out a sigh of pleasure.

mmm..... big and black I love them both.

Ms gregory I think.....

Shhhhhhhh and call me Julia.

Ms Raiz or Marsha starts frigging mine and Julia's pussy

Oh....OOOOOH!!!!!!!! That feels so fucking good Marsha! said julia

Mmmmmm........ they push me onto the desk and spread my legs wide then they both furiously eat my pussy. they are squeezing eachothers buts and ass fingering each other

OH....AHHHHHH!!!!! DONT STOP ! HA AHHHHHHHH HHHHAAAA!!!!!!!! I yell as an intense orgasm hits me my body shakes and a flood of cum gushes from me. They lap it up lke it was their last meal.

All right Kat my turn

Marsha positions her self ontop of me and stops a few inches be fore my face. I lick the edge barely touching her citoris

No please relieve me!!!!!!

So I suck her pussy slowly at first then harder and faster trying to stuff it all into my mouth


A scream rips through her as she unleashes an ocean of cum

i lap it up swallowing it all.

All right ladies my turn

Julia climbes on top of me and i do the same for her, meanwhile Marsha licks my pussy .And we move as one group. Me, pushing my tounge as far as it will go into Julia, Marsha,Eating me out and Julia, slamming her pussy into my face. Julia orgasmed first

OH...GOD...YES!!!! YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM.... cum-cum


mine followed soon after!


Uh girls I didnt cum yet

We set to work frigging and sucking until an explosion of cum erupted. That was more than all of us combined . Her orgasms sent other orgasms between us . We lay collapsed on the floor of the office

Ms Gregory ,when will i get my results back?

Screw the test Kat you pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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