Brother in the Bathroom

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Jul 31, 2008 was written by Member17 and is from our Incest and Taboo section.
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"I used the chance to stare at his cock nearly visible through the thin material"

I was 18 when the incident with my brother and bathroom happened. He was 20 at the time, and fresh home from his first year at University, and I was too was on my summer holidays. Mark had basically been your normal big brother up until then, the type who beat up the kids bullying you in the playground then whacked you over the head with his hockey stick half an hour later. We had always been pretty close, but when I was about 8 and my body first started changing I started see him differently... I noticed how muscular and fit his body was, and how and certain times he had a slight bulge in his trousers. Of course I knew what it was, I was never your naïve type of kid, and I often tried my hardest to make him get his erection. I used to jump on his lap pretending it was a game, and rub my hot little pussy on his dick. And I nearly always got the response I aimed for.

Anyway, after he moved away to University I didn’t see him much for the whole year.. I developed quite a lot during that time, and went from a small, scrawny kid into a slim but curvy in the right places woman. I have a 34C cup size, so I’m pretty full up there. When we were alone, Marc complimented me on these changes, remarking how ‘Juicy’ I looked. I put it down to harmless sibling teasing.. I knew by then what the word Incest meant, and what a taboo it was…. Surely Marc couldn’t feel the same way I did?

Then one day, as I was coming out my room Marc crossed the hallway in front of me to get to the bathroom, wearing nothing but a skimpy towel only just covering him. He didn’t see me standing there, and I used the chance to stare at his cock, nearly visible through the thin material. Surprised, I saw that he has rock hard. As the bathroom door closed and I heard the shower start running I was filled with a desire, a craving to his dick, to touch and suck and ride it. Forgetting all sense and only paying attention to what my throbbing pussy was telling me, I quietly walked over the door and started turning the handle, knowing that he wouldn’t have locked it because no-one in my house ever did. I ripped back the shower curtain and looked up to meet his shocked stare, before looking letting my gaze travel down his toned body to what I was searching for – His hard dick. I couldn’t help gasping as I saw it, seeing how thick and long it was – At least 9 inches. I bit down on my lip, feeling myself get very wet down there as I imagined what that big cock would feel inside me. “Shit What are you doing?!” Mark's stunned voice brought me back to my senses, and I stared up at him smiling, noticing he wasn’t making any attempt to cover himself.

“This..” I grabbed his hand in mine, and pulled him out of the shower next to me. Unable to resist any longer, I grabbed his dick with my hand, pumping hard with it whilst gently stroking his balls with my other hand. He let a deep moan escape his lips and it was then I knew he wanted me as bad as I wanted him. Suddenly he pulled away from me and grabbed my wrists tightly in his hands. “Ouch.. Mark you’re hurting me!” I struggled to get free, unsure of his change of mood.

“God you’re such a sexy, dirty little bitch..” He whispered harshly to me, then leaned down and pushed his lips against mine and kissed me hard. I immediately responded, and pushed my body closer into his, my breast and hard nipples pressing against his bare chest. Another uncontrollable groan came from deep inside his throat, and he broke away, looking me fiercely in the eye. “You really are dirty.. I’m going to have to teach you a lesson” And with that he ripped my clothes off and led me over to the toilet.

“I want you to hump the toilet.”

I gasped in shock, but felt aroused at the same time. The small moment of hesitation set Mark off and he roughly pushed he down, my naked little wet cunt resting on the edge of the toilet seat. “Hump it I said.” I used my hands to steady myself, and starting rubbing myself up and down on it. The roundness of the seat fit perfectly in my slit and I let out a small moan.

“That’s it.. Like that don’t you? Dirty little bitch, aren’t you?” His words turned me on even more and I started pumping against the toilet harder. “Yeeees.. Yes I do.. Oh mark fuck me, please!” He laughed at me, and moved up behind me. I felt the head of his cock push teasingly against my backside, then move down to my wet, slippy pussy. “Mmm, like that? .. Are you a virigin baby?” His voice was softer now, more caring and filled with love.

“Yes…” I answered truthfully, but then felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment. I felt Mark smiling behind me, and then his hands pushing down on my back, making me hump the toilet seat harder and faster. I then felt him slap hard on my naked buttocks. “Get up, slut.” I reluctantly got up off the toilet seat.. Rubbing against it had made my pussy feel so good and made me even more wet.

“Suck me off.” I grinned hard at my brother and winked seductively at him.

“Sure thing sexy..” I knelt down on my knees in front of him and teasingly licked at the top of his thighs before taking him into my mouth and deep throating him. He tasted so good! I carried on licking and sucking his hard, sweet cock for what seemed hours, and finally when he shot his hot salty cum into my mouth I swallowed it all, making us both collapse onto the bathroom floor in a blissful shock of what just happened- I had given a blow job to my brother! Finally, Mark stood up and took my hand, then led me back across the corridor into his room… But what happened next is a different story ;)

Authors Note:

Okay this was my first attempt at writting an erotic story.. Please give me some feedback and tips!

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