A Guys Touch

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Aug 14, 2008 was written by Lisa Wright and is from our First time sex story section.
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"I was 16 and have never experienced a guys touch I was tall Tanned Big Firm Breasts a nice tight pussy and was dying for some pleasure"

I was 18 and have never experience a guys touch. I was tall,Tanned,Big Firm Breasts,a nice tight pussy and was dying for some pleasure.

It all started when my cousin came to vist for a couple of weeks i had volentarally offered for him to sleep in my room on the floor.

Later that night my parents, Older Brother and him went out to the club he came home first as he had got kicked out of the club.

He had woke me up with nothing but a pair of boxers my eyes widened as i saw wat a budlge he had going on as he asked to sleep next to me i rolled over and let him in.

I was just starting to go to sleep when i felt i huge strong had grab my breasts i loved it he must have know i did as he started to breathe on my neck my nipples instantly went hard so he started kissing my neck softly then harder it made me so wet.

He told me to take my shirt off i did and let loose my 18e cup breasts his eyes widened and in one solid movement he began sucking on my hard nipples flickering his tongue backwards and forewards i moaned softly as my orgasm began to grow.

He stopped and began to tease me i was soaked at this time and desperestely wanted him in me.so i decided to reach down to see what he had to offer he showed of his 10 inch cock my eyes widened with delight.I took his masterpiece in my mouth and started to suck it down untill he was rock hard i then felt his huge hard hand reaching for my tight pussy he's face changed at how wet i was and he instantly began fingering me first with two then three.I started to moan loudly as we were the only ones home he could tell i was about to orgasm so his thurst into me i wasen't ready and begged him to FUCK me hard, he thursted as hard in to me as he could i screamed in delight as my screams instantly became moans and they got louder as we both reached our climax we both orgasmed and lay next to each other trying to get our breath back he wispered in my ear wait till tommrow.

I smiled in plain delight as he through one arm around me and we fell asleep hes tight abs around me just made me wanted him more.

Me and My cousin constently hooked up the couple of weeks he was staying here. Hes now left but is bringing a mate back for more FUN.

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