Teasing my Stepdad to get what I Wanted

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Sep 1, 2008 was written by Morgan Solis and is from our Incest and Taboo section.
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"teasing my new stepdad to get whatever I asked for"

My mom has always been pretty strict with me when it comes to getting extra things like new clothes, jewelry, makeup, or spending money. So when my new stepdad moved in I decided to use him to get what I wanted. I'd seen him looking at my body every now and then, and you can't mistake that look in a man's eyes. I was 18, and not tooting my own horn or anything, but I am pretty hot. I have 38 C breasts and a nice, round butt.

My mom got off of work around 11, and he got off of work at 7. We were alone for a few hours everyday. So I set out to tease him with no mercy!

The first time was one night when my mom was at work. I was in my bedroom and he was in the kitchen (I think). Anyways, I screamed as if I saw something so that he would come to my room to see if something was wrong. I quickly took off my shirt, exposing my tiny pink and black bra along with my super short skirt. He came in and he looked at my big breasts and started to stutter.

"Oh I'm sorry Morgan, I thought I heard u scream." His eyes were like glued to my boobs.

I smiled at him and went to my drawer to get my t-shirt that I sleep in, not bothering to cover my almost completely exposed breasts. "oh its ok," I told him, " I thought I saw a spider, but it wasnt." He smiled and left the room.

The second time I went in for the kill. He was sitting on our couch in a wife beater and his boxers watching some show and I went in wearing some black panties and a white speggehti shirt with no bra underneath. Now, my tits are pretty big so when I walked into the living room they jiggled and bounced without their usual support. I walked in front of the tv set to make sure he saw me and I sat down next to him. He turned around and looked at me, his eyes glued to my body.

"Sorry Michael," I said, "it gets so hot and I usually like to stay dressed like this here in the house. Is it ok with you?"

He licked his lips and smiled at me. "Sure its ok sweetheart."

I cuddled closer to him and pretended to watch the show. I made sure my tits were rubbing up against him with any kind of movement he or I made. He saw that as an invitation I guess because he made the next move. He started to rub my thigh gently, so I opened them. His hand slid up my thigh to my pussy. He rubbed it until I began to feel moist, I kept my legs open. He moved my panties aside a little and started to touch my clit. I moaned. Then he grabbed me and sat me on top of his lap, straddling him.

"Do you want ur new daddy to touch your body honey?" he asked me. I nodded with a seductive smile. "Let me see those pretty titties of yours sweetheart," he said as he lifted my shirt off. He pinched and twisted my nipples as I moaned louder, he licked them and then began to suck them. He pulled down his boxers enough to expose his hard penis and then he took off my panties and sat my soaking wet pussy down on his penis. I moved my hips back and forth as his hands squeezed my ass, with my nipples in his mouth. After a while I felt him come inside me and I came right along with him.(thank god i was on the pill)! We lied down on the couch together with is hand still on my breasts, rubbing my nipples.

And that was the first of many of our sexual encounters! Everytime I want a little extra money all I do is wait till my mom is gone and I climb on top or blow a little!

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