Lily Chronicles 1: Curiosity

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Sep 14, 2008 was written by Shock Lendion and is from our Lesbian stories section.
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"Amy took a toothbrush out of her bag and started to gently brush Lilys vagina"

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This story contains: Masturbation Girls Underage Naked Beastality Insertions Lesbianism and Very good descriptions (in most cases)

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This story is swear free.

Character Descriptions -

Lily - 18 years old, brown shoulder length hair, hazel-gray eyes, tanned-/-white skin.

Amy - 19 years old, brown shoulder length hair, gray eyes, white skin.

Vocab Guide - Fluff = Kissing with romantic stuff. Uncomprehensible = Not understood.

Part 1

Amy and Lily were walking home from middle school on a pure white winter friday. Snow crunched beneath Amy's black snow boots. Lily was frozen like a popsicle head to toe since she had worn a skirt, a t-shirt and slip on punk shoes. It was nighttime, but you couldn't tell from the massive snowfall. "You look cold Lily. Come here." Cody, her boyfriend, said as he held his arm out for a hug. Lily ran to him and got inside his coat. The three walked until they got to their circle. Amy said bye to Lily and marched through the snow to her house, leaving Cody and Lily standing in the center. (fluff starts here.) Cody looked into Lily's eyes and brushed away her hair. "You shouldn't be shivering." He quietly said. "W... why... not?" Lily shivered. "Cause you're hot." Cody leaned in to Lily's face and they began to kiss. "I love you so much." Cody said to her. Lily mumbled something uncomprehensible and Cody chuckled. When the couple stopped, Lily and Cody said goodnight and went to their houses.

Part 2

Lily rang the doorbell to her house. No answer. She went through her binder and found the key. She put the key in the door and turned, then opened and put the key away. She ran to the bathroom, hoping that she didn't leave snow on the black carpet. Once she was in the bathroom, she opened a drawer and found her dad's watch. 7:52 PM. 8 minutes until her sleepover with Amy. She quickly took off her clothes and stepped into the shower. The hot water on her cold body felt soothing. Her muscles relaxed. Then she noticed something. Why wasn't her mom home with Bradley? Brad was her mom's boyfriend. She turned off the water and stepped out. After drying off, Lily put on her pajamas and looked at the first page in her diary: 'mom and dad got divorced, and dad gave me this diary. we moved to West Virginia. i go to a night school that goes from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm. we have 4 classes 1 day and 4 different classes the next day. i hope everything turns out alright. and i got a new cat named snickers. Cheers, Lily Rain' There was a knock on the door and Lily ran to get it. Amy had her backpack in her hand and a sleeping bag in the other. Lily excitedly opened the door and let Amy inside.

Part 3

It was 10:00 and Amy and Lily were talking about school and boys. Mom and Brad had gone on a 5 day vacation to Hawaii. Lily had the whole house to herself. "Wanna watch some TV?" Lily asked. "Moment of Truth is on tonight." Amy said with a nod as she turned the TV on. It was a girl in the hotseat. The questions and answers were as follows : Have you ever had sex with your cat? Yes. Truth --- Have you ever masturbated? Every day. Truth. --- Have you ever been in a lesbian act? No. False. This made Lily and Amy really horny. Lily became curious about what masturbating, having sex with her kitten, and sex with Amy would feel like. Lily turned her head to Amy. "Wanna... y'know, have sex?" She asked. Amy responded with a clipping sound behind her back.

Part 4 (this is where it starts to get dirty) The two girls had all of their clothes off and Amy was licking Lily's nipples. "Ohh... don't stop... Amy. Ohh. Ohhhhhh." Lily moaned and then Amy bit her nipple softly. "AHHH!" Lily pulled away before she could cry. Amy told Lily to spread out her legs as far as she could. Lily did just that and Amy took a toothbrush out of her bag. She started to gently brush Lily's vagina. "Ohhh. That feels soooo goooood." Lily moaned. Amy started to brush faster and Lily moaned louder. Then Amy flipped toothbrush around and stuck it into Lily's vagina up to the bristles and started to quickly move the toothbrush in and out. Lily screamed and moaned all at once. Lily's slight pain suddenly turned into pleasure. She squirt a massive load of cum into Amy's face and laid down panting, tightening the grip on the toothbrush, which made het softly moan again. Amy licked up all of the cum from her face and swallowed it. Then there were footsteps behind the bedroom door.

Part 5

Snickers walked into the room. Lily sat up and slowly pulled the brush out of her then laid back down. Snickers then did the strangest thing. He started licking up the cum around and in Lily's vagina. "Stop Snickers that tickles." Lily laughed. Snickers kept on going at it. And then he got horny.


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