Early Spring Morning

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"I slid one finger between my puffy pussy lips the heel of my hand pressing over my clit"

I wake my hand between my legs, Iím wet I have been playing with myself in my sleep, as I open my eyes I continue stroking my pussy, I kick the covers off and spread my legs allowing me easier access. One hand between my open legs while the other gently teases my nipples I trace a figure of eight over my breast as I recall a treasured memory.

The memory Iím using is the first time I had sex with an old boyfriend William, he took me away for a week to the south of France, and he made love to me on a secluded beach.

I slid one finger between my puffy pussy lips the heel of my hand pressing over my clit, I rocked my hand my finger entering my pussy pressed on the front of my pussy, I sighed as the finger pressed on my g-spot.

William ran his hand along my thigh, till his hand was just brushing the crotch of my swim suit, wetness flowed from me and dampened the strip of material my breathing quickened, he was kissing me all the time and then he edged his finger under the leg of the swim suit, he ran his finger up and down, my legs fell open as he gently pulled the material, he put another finger under which touched my mound making me shudder.

I slid a second finger inside and curled it, then I rolled on to my tummy and bent my knee up, as I reached back and with my free hand I stroked my puffy pussy lips while grinding my clit against my hand now trapped under me.

William pulled my swim suit aside and ran his fingers freely over my exposed pussy, I felt his cock on my legs and reached down and my small fingers traced his bulge still encased in his swim trunks as he slipped a finger into my wetness I began stroking the hard cock, up then down, then I felt William removing his fingers and he climbed up on to his knees and moved up till he was kneeling at my shoulders, he pulled his trunks down revealing to my inexperienced eye an enormous cock, he stroked it once twice three times and offered it up to my lips, I stuck my tongue out and touched it to the tip, William sucked in a breath at my touch.

I slid my finger into my pussy against the two from my other hand and moved it in and out, I gasped and my breathing became shallow, as I masturbated moaning into my pillow.

William pressed further my mouth as wide as I could I accepted him into my mouth, my tongue flat as William began to move his hips, I wrapped two hands round the base of his cock, he fucked my mouth with just 2 inches, I felt he would chock me if I let more in, but William reached down and slipped two fingers into my pussy and I removed one hand reaching down and grasped his wrist, he slipped another 3 inches into my mouth, I puffed out my cheeks as he rode my face, and fingered my pussy I was in heaven.

I felt the familiar warmth spreading through my body as I fucked my pussy with three fingers; my masturbation grew more erratic as I was on the verge of cumming.

William removed his cock and moved down flipping me on to my tummy he clambered up between my thighs and lifting both legs under his arms he positioned his cock at the entrance to my inner haven and in one deep hard thrust he entered my driving breath from me and stretching my pussy it felt like he was splitting me I two, but I was also in ecstasy my lover pounded his cock in and out I heard the blood pounding in my head my body seemed to be on fire and then lights flashed in my head my body convulsed as I came and came hard on my lovers cock, he came deep inside me cum and girlie cum mixed, we both collapsed with him still inside me.

I stiffened and my orgasm swept through me, my fingers beneath me still inside me while the other I took into my mouth and sucked, as I slipped back into a happy sleep.

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