Besties bf and me

This erotic sex story published on Oct 18, 2008 was written by kaliser and is from our Incest and Taboo section.
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"I see his massive cock and then I lean down and take it in my mouth and start to blow him"
I was @ my besties house 4 a slep ova it was jst me her and her bf daniel. We were having loads of fun when all of a sudden during da movie she fell asleep on her boys lap.

He was shifting uncomfterbly in his seat for a while then I noticed he had a bonner. " I can fix that for u" I sayed getting up and streaching so he cld see up my shirt to my braless boobs "No" he said pushing my bestie off his lap "it wouldn't be fair to meagen". As he walked into the room I chucked the chair rug ova meg a nd followed him in "You know you want to " I siad going up be hind him and rubbing his shoulders "Cmon" I say slidning my hands over his chest "give up' When he turns away I walk up to the front of him and leanover him. As I grab hold of his short hair and drag him towadrs me he stands up and walks to the bed. I follow him and dilliberitly trip into his lap landing face first on his hard penis ."get off" he mutters lifting me to my feet as he does I swing my legs up so my crotch is on his and my legs are wrapped over his waist"now admitt u don't want me" I said flashing him a sexy grin. He stayed silent so I ground my body down on his till he layed down on the bed "You win" he says reaching for me "Just don't make it to painful " he says as I pull of his boxers . I gasp as I see his massive cock and then I lean down and take it in my mouth and start to blow him. As I taste precum dripping out of him I take my mouth off him and slowly rubb my wet pussy over the end of his cock"oh my god " he crys out as I go down on him slowly so I feel him break me open "u were a virgin?????" he yells as I start to move up and down his hot shaft . As I grind my hips in slow circles I grab his hands and place them on my tits "suck" I order grabbing his head "suck hard" as I felt my orgasam coming on I got off him and lay down next to him"your turn now " I say . Wen he climbs ontop of me I push him lower and say" eat pussy" so he does till im cumming in his face and then he enters me with a deep hard thrust that makes the bed shake. "Ohhhhhhh my god " I scream as he thrusts deeper and longer" yes yes now im there im there " and then I orgasamed and he did like twenty seconds after me

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