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Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Dec 12, 2008 was written by Danny and is from our Incest and Taboo section.
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"she was always delightfully moist and eager to be entered by a needy cock"
Over the last 20 years, Ive taken every chance I can get to enjoy an intimate relationship with my mother-in-laws underwear. It all began simply enough, with the occasional up-skirt glimpse of a lacy slip hem or, with a bit of careful manoeuvring, a flash of panty-girdle gusset.

As time went by, I became closer to my mother-in-law. We would regularly swim together at early morning sports centre sessions. Sometimes, when it was particularly busy, we would share a family changing cubicle. Ive never been embarrassed by being naked in front of a woman but my mother-in-law was a bit shy the first few times. I played along and kept my back to her until shed dried herself and got her underwear on. She never suspected that I found the sight of her in her full cotton briefs and bra the most erotic thing I could imagine. Of course, I feigned modesty but made darned sure should got more than a quick glimpse of my fully erect cock.

She used to ask me over to do a few garden chores every now and again. Sometimes she would go out and leave me to it. I took those opportunities to locate and explore her underwear drawer. I came to know exactly how she folded her panties, slips and bras and just how she liked to organise them in the drawer. In that way, I was always careful that she should not know that I had been through her clothes. I would select a pair of her knickers pink, if they were not in the wash a bra and one of the girdles she wore occasionally, when she was dressing to go out for a special occasion. I would usually have to bring my own stockings though. I would round this out with one of her full slips. It always felt so sensual and, as I masturbated, I would imagine making love to her until I would shoot ropes of cum, always careful not to soil her undies.

After a few years, our relationship grew ever closer until, inevitably, when she was 66 and I was 41, it became physically intimate. That began when friendly kisses and cuddles came to be held momentarily longer each time. It first broke out of that innocent pattern one afternoon when, as we cuddled, I ran my hands over my mother-in-laws backside feeling the outline of her panties through her slip and dress. I knew she could feel the huge bulge in my trousers pressed against her tummy. We kissed and, without a word being said, made our way to the spare bedroom. I unbuttoned her dress and fondled her tits, eventually getting them out of her bra so that I could suckle them. Meanwhile, she unzipped me and, with everything down round my ankles, she gently rubbed my cock.

After a while, she lay back on the bed and I spread her legs wide, getting an eyeful of the broad, flat white gusset that Id lusted after for so long. I buried my head between her legs and kissed that wonderful white expanse, inhaling her feminine scent as I did so. When I surface, she pulled me to suck on her tits again. I was so horny that I took hold of my cock and, after only a minute or so, shot several ropes of my cum over her panty gusset.

Of course, things escalated from there and we used to make love at every opportunity. She would always let me keep her partially dressed. Without me having to say anything, she obviously knew that I was stimulated by the sight of her in that state. When wed pre-arranged a session, she would wear one of her girdles and stockings too. She always ended up more than satiated those times because I would be so horny I would have to fuck her at least twice. Four times in the space of an hour was the record, during which time my cock never actually left her love tunnel.

While the focus of this story is my attraction to my mother-in-laws underwear, I cant go without telling what a wonderful cunt she has too. It is surely the deepest, most inviting chasm that any man has ever been invited to explore. Everything about it is beautifully formed, with an exquisite taste, aroma and feel. Her clit is not huge but easily found and perfectly presented for the inquisitive tongue to explore and pleasure. Even in her mid-60s, she was always delightfully moist and eager to be entered by a needy cock. Her love tunnel is as tight as any teenie virgins and her vaginal muscle control is incredible. More than once, she brought me off just by tightening and relaxing her cunt around my cock.

As time moved on, we dont make love as often, although we have regularly intimate physical contact. Shes in her 80s now and she still turns me on. I get a full hard-on just by thinking about her for a couple of minutes. Despite the less frequent physical side, I have continued to enjoy playing with her underwear. She still wears cotton full briefs, which I adore. She has some beautiful pink pairs with embroidered flowers on. I lusted after those from the moment I first saw them hanging out to dry on the washing line. I will never tire of putting on a pair of her panties and a slip or wanking over the sight of several pairs of her panties laid out on the bed. I sometimes wonder just how much spunk Ive shot in and over my mother-in-law and her underwear its got to be plenty. Even on days when I dont see her, or her undies, I have at least one wank thinking about her. I think Ive been very lucky to have such a relationship with my mother-in-law and her underwear.

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