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"I stopped him and stood up taking off my pants and my boy shorts"

When I was 18, I started dating an amzingly hot man. He was 20, ripped and his face was that of an angel... ok an angel if you fucked it 20 times... anyways i was still a virgin. He and i both saw a problem with this. While i had been mastrubating since my early teen years, i had never had sex. Thinking i was in love with him i agreed to fuck one night that's what this story is about.

Josh was sitting on the couch across from without a shirt on and i was turned on. i moved across the couch and started kissing him biting his lip piercing and playing with his tongue.

"Whoa, honey. Yoiu are really uh, moving kinda fast." He said looking at me in the eyes.

"I know i want you in me tonight and hard. But first we need to getting in the mood more" I stripped of my shirt letting my d cup tits fall out because i wasn't wearing a bra. "Do you want these baby?"

"yes..." he moved forward and started massaging my breasts softly.I looked down and saw the begining of a big bulge grow in his pants.

"Here sweetheart let me help you with that" i slwoly bent between his legs and i undid his pants while kissing his stomach that rippled under my lips. I told him to stand up or else the pants were staying on so he jumped up. I then proceeded to take his 9" cock in my mouth not even fitting 3/4 of it in. I wrapped my hand around the base and jacked off the part i couldn't suck. I licked his cock and sucked on ut. I even used a little teeth. Soon Josh was begging me to stop.

"Baby! i don't want to blow my first load with you in your mouth i want in your pussy to claim you as mine."

He pick me up in a firemans carry and carried me to the bedroom leaving my shirt and his pants in the living room. he dumped me on the bed and started fumbling with the buttons on my pants. I stopped him and stood up taking off my pants and my boy shorts. Then i lay back down and spread my legs. He had other plans though and started licking my nipples making me moan and sigh in pleasure. After he though i was pleasured enough up top he moved down my long lanky body to my pussy which was throbbing and sooo wet. He started sucking my clit and slipped a finger in my pussy. Soon he found my g-spot wiht his finger and proceeded to fingerfuck me and suck my clit. It was not wonder i came quickly. I spurted juice all over his face. Being a raging bisexual i moved down to lick it off. "baby you aste good" we both said at the same time.

I pushed him down on the bed and took him all in. He was soo hot and his 9" cock which was 2 1/2 in wide was sticking straight up from his body. Slowly i climbed onto him stadling his hips and lower myself on his cock. It hurt a little but soon i was gooing up and down and hitting my g-spot and he was rubbing my clit that i came so hard i fell on him and collapsed. He still hadn't cum yet so he rolled us over s he ws on top and started fucking me so hard his balls slapping my ass. soon i was cumming again and he couldn't take it anymore he spasmed and shot his load deep in my pussy i could feel it and wanted to taste some soi moved and got it on my body and used my figners to lick it up. "mmmm baby ur love juics is so good" then i cuddled against his chest and we fell asleep the scent of sex still hanging in the air.

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