Natalie and my Throbbing Cock

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Well having had 12 previous sexual partners this was by no means my first time, however it was my girlfriends first time and were still together now.

Natalie and I had been seeing each other for a while and going out on dates together, she was very open and said that although having boyfriends - she was still a virgin. And the thought of just putting my cock into her tight little virgin pussy made me tingle.

After about our fourth date together, I thought this could be the time - I invited her back to my place. We laid on the bed like usual, kissing and cuddling - but with her wearing such a short, cock-teasing skirt I fealt the need to slide my hands up there.

As I did Nat responded by putting her knees far apart and spreading her legs. I eased her nickers to one side and I could already feel the moist on her lips. What turned me on more, was the fact she was 17 and she had no hair what-so-ever. I slowly started to rub her clit as we kissed, my hands ran down her dress and I pulled down her bra to reaveal her little breasts and lovely hard nipples.

I started to suck on her nipples as I digged my fingers in, first slowly and then faster as she got wetter I began to finger fuck her. I eased her dress off so she lay there on my bed naked. I got up from the bed and took off my clothes, as I took my boxers off my 7 inch hard cock sprung into the direction of her face, as I was stood up and she was on theedge of the bed.

She willingly looked into my eyes and without hesitation started to lick the end of my pulsating cock. My hand eased her mouth around it and she began to slowly suck me off, twirling her tongue on the tip of my stiff cock. I held her head firm so I could go in a little deeper and before I knew it she was gargling.

I didn't want to be to mean on her, baring in mind it was her first time, so I slowly eased my cock from her gob, and I laid on the bed next to her and eased her into position. Obviously I had to take the lead role due to her inexperience. I placed her thighs over my face, as she held the hand rails to my bed. She lowered her lovwly wet fanny lips onto my face, I immediately grabbed her thighs and started to lick her, pulling her closer so she got the full force of my tongue. I could hear her groanung slightly and that was the signal for me to get up, whilst she remained in the same position. I grabbed her her pert bum and rubbed my cock on her now soaked pussy. I inserted my member from behind and began fucking her really hard, she squeeled with joy and rose up a little so I could put my hands on her tits whilst fucking her. I could see them jingling as I fucked her harder and faster. I then turned her over and got back beneath her. She started inching slowly over my cock, gently it slipped inside her, and you could tell be the smile on her face as it slowly got deeper and deeper into her. She began to bounce on my cock, up and down she rose, riding me well and truly. She moaned and began to rub her tits, as she fucked me harder and faster. She bent down, close to my face. Grabbed both my wrists so she could thrust faster. I didn't want to come yet, but I was going to. So I quickly yanked my member out and got on top of her. We went into the missionary position, this time me on top, I asked her if she wanted it hard, and she sharply replied with a 'Yes'. So I fucking ragged her and her suprise for being suck a good girl? As I could feel myself starting to leak, I yanked out my throbbing hard cock and she pulled her face up. I nodded and she smiled. She put her mouth around my cock again, I smashed my cock inside and my warm, hot come went straight down her throat, with just a little bit dribbling out. And that was her first time. 18 months later - believe you me, shes alot more experienced!

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