Three a crowd part 1

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Jan 15, 2009 was written by Kevin hannaway and is from our Sex Story Series section.
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" Megan had already pulled my boxers down and had already got her mouth over my hard stiff cock"

the front door when i saw my girlfriend sitting on the sofa watching tv. "had a good day babes she said". I walked over to the sofa and kissed her gently and explained the day i had, she sat there and listened to every detail i was just finishing when i heard the bathroom door open. I turned to my girlfriend and asked who else was here, she replied "oh its just Megan, she just broken up with her boyfriend and needed a shoulder to cry on so i said she could come round here." Now if there was one friend of my girlfriends that i loved to spend time with it was Megan. She was blonde blue eyes and really slim typical girl next door, i remember when my girlfriend introduced me to her i almost fell backward with shock she was gorgeous. anyway seeing her come down stairs was a pleasure to the eyes still looking as good as she did first time i had met her. "hi tom you don't mind me being here do you" i'm sure i had seen a wink in her eye.

I moved over and allowed her to sit on the sofa next to me with my girlfriend on one side and megan on the other side. "tom had a bad day at work how can we help him Megan". I looked at my girlfriend with a confused look, i had no idea what was going to happen next. Megan got off the sofa a went behind me, pulling my shoulder back she began to rub my shoulders "wow you are tensed tom" i said nothing a just laid back and let her hands do her magic, next thing i know my girlfriend was leaning over a kissing me feeling her warm tongue in my mouth and Megans hands on my my shoulders still rubbing i felt like i was in heaven, what happened next was only something that i thought would had happened in a dream, Megan had left my back and now was bending down between my legs. i felt her hands unzipping my trousers, i could feel my cock beginning to rise in my boxers. my girlfriend kissing me just added to the excitement , Megan had already pulled my boxers down and had already got her mouth over my hard stiff cock. My girlfriend looked down "what you think your doing hes my boyfriend i should get first suck" I couldn't beleive my ears my girlfriend was actually ok with her best friend sucking my cock. next thing i know my girlfriend is bending down next to Megan and their taking turns to suck my cock, just feeling both their mouth around my cock i thought i was going to cum their and then.

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