Love My Daughter

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"She had no trouble taking my entire prick inside her cunt"

My June has always had a nice figure ,but now she is a full grow woman. I find myself tring to see more of her body. Her tits are round and firm and so is her ass. I have not been able to see her womanhood yet,but I just know that I must see it.

Last Friday night she came home drunk and I knew this would be my chance.She staggered into her bedroom and flooped on her bed her short skirt was up to her ass and I could see her panties. I walked over to the bed and she was out cold my hands were shaking as I slid up her skirt. I caught the waist band of her painties and started to slid them down I just had to see her pussy.

She moved as I slid the cloth over her ass and down her legs. I spread her legs just a little and was looking at her asshole and could see the start of her goodies. I had to roll her over to see all of her bush, I slowly picked up one of her legs and started to turn her she jumped and to my suprise she rolled over exposing her beautiful bush to me. There it was the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen the hair was light brown and well trimed I could see the start of her crack,but I wanted more so I spread her legs and her cunt opened up for me. I couldn't help myself I put my face between her legs and started licking her pussy.She spread her legs open wider and I got my first taste of her hole with my fingers I keep spreading the lips open wider I was going to have a full meal of this girl.

I don't know how much time pasted,but I didn't care I was doing what I wanted to do for the last year eating my June's pussy. I think she was starting to enjoy it because she was moving her ass into my face. I stopped for a moment and looked at her face her eyes were closed and only part of her body that was moving was her ass. I wanted her to cum in my face so I keep working on her. I pushed her legs up into the air and got a couple of licks on her asshole she must have liked that because she keep her ass tilted up so I could reach in with my tongue. I keep up the licking pace from her ass to her pussy and back again. She thrusted her pussy into my face and let out a moan and I just knew she was cuming. I put my mouth over her hole and sucked the juice from her body she keep moaning as I tongued her whole cunt.

She lay on the bed with her legs spread breathing heavly as I looked at her pussy wet and open I knew that I was going to hump her. I slid down my pants and boxers exposing my hard-on I raised up on her and started rubbing the head of my prick up and down her slit she spread her legs open wider she knew what was going to happen next and she was no virgin. The head of my cock found a home and the rest of my shaft followed. She had no trouble taking my entire prick inside her cunt as I pushed it in and pulled it out she started working her ass and I was loving it. With in a matter of 2 minutes I was ready to blast my load she reached behind me and pulled my ass into her.

This was the moment I had waited for cuming in her pussy as I sarted to cum she yelled" Cum in me and fuck me hard I want to cum,too." I pushed the full lenth of my member into her and shot my whole load in her pussy she keep humping and soon she screamed " I'm cuming again."

I lay there for what seemed like forever I could feel her pussy milking every last drop from my soft cock. I slid off her and she didn't move she just lay there I looked at her open pussy with my cum running out of her.

We haven't said a word about what happened,but she told me she was going out Friday night, I can only hope.

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