The mother and daughter

This erotic sex story published on Feb 8, 2009 was written by Ashley and is from our Short stories section.
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"I used this time wisely and would masturbate using my moms vibrators"
I always had 20 minutes home alone after school. I used this time wisely and would masturbate using my moms vibrators, the back massager, my dogs tongue, or fingering. One thing that really turned me on when masturbating was fantazing that my mom would be giving me oral or fingering me. One day... It finally happened. I was fingering myself as usual one day after school when I heard the door to my house open. I panicked and tried to put my clothes on but before I could my mom was in the doorway. She asked me, "what are you doing?!" I told her embarresed,"masturbating..." I got up to go but she told me to sit back down. At first I was worried, but then I thought of how I've always wanted this! So I sat down and she told me to start what I was doing. I started to lightly and slowly ruby clit with my finger. I started getting faster and harder arching my back with the pleasure. I looked over at my mom and she had pulled out her vibrator and had it against her clit. She came over and put it on my clit teasing me when I felt I was ready to cum. I am a virgin so I was really tight... So when she proceeded to shove it up my vagina I screamed in pain but told her to keep going because it felt so good! My breathing got harder and I felt my pussy start to pulsate and want more. I had an orgasm right in front of my mom! I couldn't fucking believe it. Everday after school now we have our little sessions. Especially with me in the shower. She loves Watching me cum with the water faucet gushing hard water all over my clit.

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