My carpeting is clean too

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"I read the story and started to feel moisture building up from my loins"

Re; My vacuum cleaner

I took my husband to the airport this morning for a week business trip. The kids had gone to school. I had the house to myself for the day & It felt great. I logged on to check my e-mail. Nothing that I had to answer to right then so I went on line to see what was there. I seems that someone in my family was on this site-> Sextails. I clicked on it & the high lighted. I clicked on it & sex stories came up. A story "My Vacuum Cleaner - Works Great" The writer was Cindra.

As I read your story, I had been feeling much the same. It’s so long since I had a good hard dick also. I guess males loose ah lot as they age. I read the story and started to feel moisture building up from my loins. I never thought I could get horny by read some story, but I did and I kept reading. Cindra, you got to the point that you were inserting the vacuum cleaner handle in your womanhood (You Called It) I found my fingers in my panties and lightly rubbing my womanhood.

I was kind of nervous cuzz I had never done this kind of thing before. Masturbated. My vacuum cleaner was in the utility room. (I thought, well why not) I went and got it and brought it back in the den. Continuing to read I plugged it in just to see if what Cindra was telling was true. I turned it on and she was correct in did vibrate wildly. I had never noticed that. There wasn’t a crook in the handle like hers but I made do with what I had. I was sitting in the chair reading and moved the handle down to my womanhood. (I love that term) better that twat, cunt or even pussy.

I lightly slid the handle in my crack from my clitoris to my bung. It did feel amazing. I went deeper in and inserted the tip to my clit, I almost fell out of the chair. Cindra, “You are right” (Damn-What-a-Sensation!) I thought about going all the way with this substitute cock. I hesitated ah few moments while tickling my womanhood.

Without thinking I had the handle in myself up to the on/off switch and jerking wonderfully. I managed to find my G-spot with it turned around backwards. Cindra called it, “Gawd what ah feeling” I played with this until I was about to cum. My g-spot had had enough. I was riding it hard and deep. I hadn’t squirted in years. I felt so fulfilled and satisfied.

I had gotten over the best series of hard orgasms in my life. I straightened myself up and went about my housework. This device kept staring at me as I worked. I soon found this sex-deprived woman looking at my vacuum cleaner.

I re-read Cindra’s story for details. I found that if you turn it up side down and remove the beater bar it stimulates my g-spot while I am masturbating the handle. , “Gawd What Ah Feeling” is right! My carpeting is clean too!

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