Prevention Cant Wait Neither Can We

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"He rested on his knees as I guided his hard length inside my asshole"
Sexual relationships with your husbands collegues happen unannounced. Prevention Cant Wait Neither Can We.

I was glad to be going once more to my parents house in Baroda and this time I convinced my Husband to go out of town, which he was eagerly awaiting & asked coaxed him into allowing his Office person, Suresh, who was earlier our housekeeper and now working in my husbands office to accompany me. We left.

We checked in the same Hotel as we did on our last trip. When I explained my mission, Suresh, led my by the hand - to the Balcony of the room. I wanted to do something WILD. We went out to the Balcony. The rain was falling heavily, Suresh gently lowered me onto the cold clean marbled flooring. He dropped above me, shielding me from the rain coming in. I opened my legs, and Suresh guided himself into my opening. I sighed, as I watched his huge spear slide into me. He lowered his body upon his mate and smiled. I licked a drop of water from his nose.

Suresh's firm hands massaged my breasts, as he pumped the length of his shaft in and out. I felt the primitive strength of my young lover, My hips lifted to meet his thrusts; my hands caressed his rain-slick back. His cock drove deep inside my, then pulled back and plunged again. With a sudden clap of thunder, the rain fell faster. Lightning flaId in the dark sky. Suresh smiled at my look of alarm. He grasped my shoulders, and quickened the pace of his strokes. As the water ran over our bodies, Suresh's belly slapped wetly against I with each thrust.

Suresh's head still shielded my face; we could see each others eyes, could read the wild urgency to conquer all the elements. Suresh's thrusts were long and deep; I felt my excitement rising. It seemed we were like Adam and Eve, striving in a primitive world to bring forth our new life into chaos. Thunder craId; We pulled our bodies and lips together, as Suresh's long shaft stoked my furnace. I gave myself to the strength of my young mate. Fire spread through my groin; Deep within me, I could feel the Suresh's throbbing hose pump within me that seemed to reach my womb.

Overcome with pleasure, we collapsed limply, and rested under the falling rain. We lay for only a moment, before Suresh pulled free and helped I rise. I quickly moved my tongue & licked my own juices from his prick, while he licked his tongue over my groin as if he had found nectar. The bell of the room rang, and the bell boy came saying that the cab has come. I lay wrapped in the strong, warm arms of Suresh.

I rolled back to Suresh, and saw his warm, brown eyes twinkling. He rolled on top of me once more, and I opened my legs, resting on my elbows and knees to accommodate & the eight inch shaft into my small opening. He rested on his knees as I guided his hard length inside my asshole.. Suresh's chest moved gently over my back, and he kissed and licked my bare back languorously; with his hands pressing my huge boobs and squeezing my nipples and miulking them as a milkman would milk a cow. He stroked slowly, raising our temperature bit by bit, as we savored each others feel.

We left in an hour and went back home, and told my husband, that we could not get the train tickts, so we came back My Husband was disheartened. I think I had spoilt his Fun.

Sexual relationships with your husbands collegues happen unannounced. Prevention Cant Wait Neither Can We.

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