Curious Niece

This erotic sex story published on Aug 29, 2009 was written by Me and is from our Short stories section.
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"My niece sitting on the edge of the tub naked playing with her nice little pussy and rubbing her big tits."

I was staying at my sister in laws house about 6 years ago. She was married with a son and a daughter. My brother in law is strange because he took off all the doorknobs off the doors, so there was just a big hole on all the doors. My niece was about 16 at the time and one evening everyone had left the house except for me and her. I told her Issas taking a shower and went to the bathroom. There was a sock there to cover the hole when someone is in the shower but I intentionally left it out. I took off all my clothes and sit down on the toilet, a minute later I heard footsteps coming toward the bathroom, it was next to her bedroom.

She had seen that the sock was not in the hole, so I turned the water on like I was in the shower but I sat back on the toilet and started stroking my cock it's about 8 in, but the mirror was across from the door and I could see the room outside the bathroom through the doorknob hole. After a few minutes of stroking it I heard faint footsteps sneaking toward the door when I looked in the mirror I could not see through the hole, but I did see an eyeball peeking through the hole. My niece was very developed then at least 28c tits and a great ass. I stood up off the toilet and turned toward the door so she could get a better look. She never looked away as stroked my now super rock hard cock like a madman. I shot one of my biggest loads of cum I ever have in the toilet and didn't flush it, I took a shower then came out of the bathroom.

She was in her bedroom on the bed. I went into a different bedroom to get changed and I heard her say she was getting in the shower. When I cam out of the room I looked at the bathroom doorand it was closed but the sock was not in the hole. So I snuck up and looked in and I saw my niece sitting on the edge of the tub naked playing with her nice little pussy and rubbing her big tits. It didn't take her long to cum, she looks up at one point towards the door. She saw me watching but she just kept going. We do this everytime we are alone now, but we never say anything about it to each other.

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