Sparkin on the Ark

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"A couple get hot along the river get naked take photos and have sex"

Not far from our house was a nice bike/walking path. It was paved and many people used it everyday. The path ran alongside the Arkansas River, and followed it for miles. But you could hardly see the river except in a few areas as the area between the path and river was heavily wooded.

Not many people knew about it, but if you got off the main path, and if you knew where to look, you could find trails that would take you down to the river. You had to work your way through the woods and down an embankment, but if you did, you found yourself in a pretty and very private area.

Most of the time, except during the rainy season, once you reached the river there was a large sandbar that fan for a long ways. You could actually follow it around to where you could see a large island that was out in the middle of the river. It was established enough that it had a dense growth of trees on it, and you had to be pretty determined to reach it. Once there, you were in about as remote and private of an area as you could hope for in a large city with 4 lane highways on either side of the island. But from inside that area, you could not see the highway and they could not see you. You could not even tell you were near a city.

We were newlyweds, married only a few months, and though we were in our 40’s we had plenty of passion left. Both of us had been in long term marriages, where our mates just abandoned us and despite our efforts to reconnect with our mates, we both ended up divorced. So we had lived our lives alone, trying our best to be the people god wanted us to be. It was by a miracle of his design that we met, as we lived half way across the state from each other. It was another miracle that we fell in love and married. So, all that time alone had left us with a lot of passion to give to each other.

On this one fine day I decided to show her the secret I knew about the wonderful private beach sandbar and woods and island just 2 blocks from our house. I had often walked and explored there while single, taking a camera along to photograph birds and deer and other animals I saw there, as well as sunsets. Photography was a hobby I really enjoyed.

As usual, I picked up my camera and we started out, soon reaching our own private little wilderness. As we pushed through the trees into a little clearing inside, we could both feel our “desire” starting to build. The little clearing was a secure place, being in the middle of a lot of trees and brush. We were outdoors on a hot summer day, and we were totally alone.

Some rather intense kissing started, and all of a sudden I remembered the camera. I talked her into removing her blouse and bra and letting me take a few photos. After a few minutes, she really started getting into posing and before long the shorts and panties came off too. I shot up an entire roll of film, and the end result was a collection of photos that I treasure to this day and can still bet very excited looking at, even though they were taken 12 years ago.

By now she was getting hot and horny and she was not the only one! I quickly came out of my clothing as well, She propped herself up against a fallen log, bending over with her beautiful legs apart, and I entered her and made wile and passionate love to her. We spent about an hour enjoying each other, and then headed back to the real and busy and not very private world.

But we got a lot more than pictures that day. No, we didn’t get Poison Ivy, though it was all over that area, but as near as we could estimate, that must have been the day she got pregnant! Yep, we now have a little 9 year old boy that we are the proud parents of. It is sort of fun to look at him and remember that he was a “spark on the ark!”

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