Mother Needed Fucking and I Helped

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Jan 15, 2010 was written by Paul and is from our Incest and Taboo section.
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"Suddenly she shuddered and pushed back hard against me cried out and came really hard I couldn't hold on and shot everything into her."

My name is Paul I am 19yrs old quite good looking I am told and love sex.

Mum, Diane, had split with my dad and he had moved out. She has always been an attractive woman tall slim large breasts and well dressed, she is 40 now.

About a month after he had moved out I went to the loo and passing mums room noticed the door was very slightly open and the bedside lamp was lit. I was going to speak to her but my attention was caught by a slight buzzing sound.

I moved to the door and could see her under the covers with only her head showing. Her legs were raised and knees well apart, it was obvious she was wanking with a vibrator, she has a few I found them under her cupboard drawers with a few sexy photos I admit I have wanked over myself.

Very swiftly she arched her back let out a moan and shuddered and yes I had come gallons in that few seconds.

I slipped into her loo and cleaned myself up, when I came out her light was off and all quiet.

I never said anything and really believe she never knew.

We had always been in the habit of walking around the house nude from my being tiny and it never seemed wrong. I admit as I got older the sight of mums tits and glimpse of trimmed pussy gave me good food for wanks of which there were many.

Mum had seen my cock with a semi on quite often as I was nipping to the loo and had joked that I would make some woman very happy, Dad only had a small cock so I think she was a bit envious.

One Saturday night I had been out around town and went straight to bed about 1am, I got up to go to the loo and on my way back mum came out of her room we met on the landing.

She was naked as always and so was I. I have no idea why may have been the booze but the sight of her breasts and hard nipples reacted on me straight away and my cock went rock hard.

Mum laughed and joked I must have had a good night, she joked about the hair on my chest in a completely un-sexual way.

I compared the hair on my chest to her trimmed fanny and she said " cheeky little sod" and came at me trying to tickle me under my arms.

I spun her around and tickled her, she ended up bent over the landing Bannister with me close behind her with a raging hard on by now.

She was giggling as I tickled her, the completely unplanned I found the tip of my cock between the top of her legs and I could feel the warm moistness of her pussy against the tip of my cock.

I don't know what on earth made me but I pushed and my cock slid right inside her. She went stiff and gasped and I was sure she would pull away and 'bollock' me.

To my surprise and delight she moved her body back along my shaft till I was fully inside her and moaned, leaning further over the rail.

I waited a second and she began to move against me this was the signal I needed and began to shaft her slowly, my right hand on her waist and left on her left tit, playing with the nipple.

Suddenly she shuddered and pushed back hard against me, cried out and came really hard. I couldn't hold on and shot everything into her.

As I softened she turned kissed me in quite a motherly un-sexual way and slipped off into her room, but she slyly ran her fingers over my cock as she went.

I have no idea if it will be repeated and really don't know if she would let it, but it was what she needed and so did I.


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