No Longer a Boring Day

This erotic sex story published on Apr 25, 2010 was written by Caitlyn and is from our Lesbian stories section.
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"Soon enough Jessica let out a small scream so Hayley shocked her at level 2."
Hayley was sitting alone in her 2 story house bored, as the rain outside pounds on her windows "damn what can I do?". Suddenly her neighbor Jessica: Blond curly hair, ocean blue eyes,luscious pink juicy lips, Full c cup tits....just plain sexy and it was bad enough Hayley was horny already!

"Hey Jessica what are you doing here? It's pouring down the rain, come on in quickly."

"Hey thanks, I'm sorry but I just got bored and I haven't officially got to talk to you. You don't mind if I stay a while do you?"

With a big smile on her face, flushed cheeks, and her straight brown hair Hayley gladly said yes.

Hayley and Jessica were still a little bored until Jessica said out of the blue "Hayley I got to tell you something and I've been wanting to tell you this for a long time. I have a crush on you... and I was wondering, do you feel the same way?"

Hayley was speechless and in love with Jessica more so she started moving toward Jessica, pussy wet, heart pounding and wrapped her arms around Jessica and put her lips upon her's. They both got into the kiss and suddenly Jessica started moaning loudly along with Hayley. Jessica wrapper her long legs around Hayley and Hayley took her up to her bedroom. Both sexy horny bi sexual girls a perfectly boring night turned into a perfectly fun hot night, Hayley crashed down onto the bed with Jess still on her waist with the kiss still going.

Jess moved her arms up and down Hayley's back and Hayley put her hands up Jess's shirt undoing her bra leaving her C cup tits free, Hayley's skirt and panties fell slowly revealing her wet shaved puss, and then her bra and shirt. Hayley was fully naked and she made sure Jess was too.

Jess broke away from the kiss and wrestled Hay to be on the bottom, moans escaped her lips has her d cups were being suckled on, then her stomach and next thing she knew Jessica's tongue was going in and out of her pussy, up and down, little bites. Hayley arched her back, she could not handle it anymore! She screamed as she had the biggest orgasm ever but Jess couldn't help herself so she didn't stop there so she started fingering her until Hay's juices flowed as she was panting.

Jess got up along with Hay, she walked to her dresser where she pulled out: Hand cuffs/ restraints,a leather belt, a vibrator, a shock collar, and a dildo.

"Ooo la la my dear what do we have here?" "You ready to have the night of your life Jessica? Cause it's about to happen." "HELL YEAH BABY!"

Hayley walked over to Jess and pushed and positioned her on the soft bed... "Ow Hay I like it hard." "Good cause that's how it's gonna be!"

Hayley put the restraints on Jessica and started licking her fast making her oh so vulnerable. Next was the shock collar. "If you scream I'll shock you and it depends on how high you scream (moaning not included)" "Damn! Oh well we're both horny here!"

Hayley got in front of Jessica: wet, sweaty, and ready for more. First she tickled and smacked her opening to get them both more hotter with the long leather belt, Jessica made her scream stay behind her luscious pink lips. Hayley couldn't wait to shock her so she decided to kick it up notch so she licked the dildo to put in Jess easier and put the vibes on full speed. Slowly the dildo went in and out and the great vibes stayed in it's place. Soon enough Jessica let out a small scream so Hayley shocked her at level 2. They both were satisfied so Hay Hay took a diff approach. The Dildo went faster...the vibrator went around Jess's boobs then to her erect nipples, she couldn't hold it any longer! The Pleasure of it all! She had reached her climax point, arched her back and screamed loudly! The shock was worth it. Now Jess laid there on Hayley's bed panting with juices flowing and with Hayley playing with herself and licking Jessica, her new lover clean.

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