Caught My Wife Fucking her Son

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on May 21, 2010 was written by simon and is from our Incest and Taboo section.
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"She dropped to her knees and wanked him to a climax he shot his spunk over her face gallons of it I came again."

Hi Im Simon and my wife is Julia, she is 42 nice body large firm breasts and she is my second wife, I am her second husband.

She has a son and a daughter by her first marriage Harry and Rosie, Harry is 16 and Rosie 14.

I have suspected for some time that she was overly attracted to Harry as she wanders around the house barely clothed and I have noticed slight touches at each other and his obvious arrousal.

I arranged to be away on business overnight when Rosie was away on a school trip, I fixed a length of fishing line through the window frame and on to the end of the lounge curtains, so I could pull them open slightly from outside.

I phoned about nine pm and had a chat saying I was over 200 miles away, she said she was having a drink of wine with Harry and all was well, I rung off and crept towards my house under cover of darkness having already disabled the security light.

I pulled the line and carefully slowly opened the curtains a few centimeters.

Julia was on the setee sitting next to Harry, her legs up across his lap and they were chatting, I couldnt hear what they were saying but both looked flushed.

Julia had on a housecoat which war slightly open exposing part of her breasts but not the nipples and white lacy panties. I think the crotch was damp but perhaps I just imagined that.

Harry had his dressing gown on which again was partly open.

I saw her stroke his leg and he stroked hers, they turned to each other and exchanged a kiss which was far from motherly, I could tell they were swapping tongues and really into it.

I slipped my cock out and began slowly wanking, Harry reached into her dressing gown and began fondling her breast which he pulled out, her nipple was rock hard and he had a quick lick at it.

She slipped to the floor infront of him and parted his gown to reveal a cock much bigger than mine, he was rock hard, kneeling between his legs she took his cock in her mouth and began sucking him off.

I shot my load outside and still watching became hard again straight away, he had stamina and didnt shoot.

She stood up took off her robe and turned with her back to him, I could see her tits and wet pussy which was running with juice, she lowered herself onto his cock and began riding him.

He reached around massaging her breasts as she rode him, the look of extacy as she came was incredible, she pulled off turned dropped to her knees and wanked him to a climax, he shot his spunk over her face, gallons of it, I came again and then slunk off to my car, slightly ashamed but loving the sight.

Upon my return all was as normal, no one would have known and I am planning a return trip and who knows I think I shall fuck Rosie. Who know. But I will tell you all about it


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