The Jogger

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Jan 12, 2013 was written by Kirstie Taylor and is from our Erotic Stories section.
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"Horny female jogger receives a good fuck from a stranger who can not believe his luck"

I went for a jog down this country lane not far from where I live, and I ended up fucking this guy in the bushes. I love it when Iím hot and sweaty. Whenever I go jogging I always feel horny. I donít wear anything underneath my tracksuit and it feels really sexy Ė my tits jiggling up and down. I sweat a lot when Iím jogging and it feels great when my tracksuit bottoms stick to my arse.

It was about three oíclock in the afternoon. Iíd been jogging for about an hour or so, so you can imagine how hot and sweaty I was. I was really hot and sticky between my legs and at one stage I had to slip my hand down my tracksuit bottoms, give my wet pussy a wipe; it was really sticky and ruining my concentration.

Anyway, I was jogging down this country lane, and when I turned a bend I could see this bloke taking his dog for a walk. He heard me coming up behind him and stepped aside to let me pass. I couldnít help notice he was looking at my tits. I gave him a smile, jogged past him, and when I glanced back I could see he was looking at my arse. He was so engrossed with my sweaty arse wobbling in my tracksuit bottoms he hadnít even noticed I was looking round.

I slowed down and came to a halt, pretending I was out of breath. I bent over, hands on my knees, pretended I was getting my breath back. I could almost feel his eyes on my arse. I could hear him getting closer with his dog. I felt so horny I went and pushed my arse right out, proper stuck it out. I donít know what made me do it. Itís just that I was overcome with this uncontrollable urge, this overpowering feeling of pure sexiness. I whipped my tracksuit bottoms down, exposed my arse in all its hot raw nakedness.

I looked over my shoulder. The poor guy didnít know what to do. I straightened myself up and turned around to face him, my tracksuit bottoms around my ankles. I raised my tracksuit top till my wet muff was on full display. It felt really nice like, you know, the cool air wafting across my wet bush.

So anyway, he was just standing there a few feet away, mouth agape, eyes popping out of his head. I told him I was hot and sticky, slowly running my fingers back and to over my pussy lips. I glanced down between his legs and he was sporting this fucking huge erection in his pants.

I told him to tie his dog to the fence so we could get down to some hot shagging in the bushes. He didnít make a move, he just stood there staring at my cunt. I took his dog from him, tied it to the fence. It was a harmless looking thing. I think it was more frightened of me than I was of it, poor thing. My hairy cunt was more frightening than that.

So I tied it to the fence (the dog, not my hairy cunt), then went back to the guy, took him by the hand and led him to the bushes. He couldnít believe this was happening to him, Iím telling you. You shouldíve seen his face. I assured him that it was and started to undo his pants.

I told him that jogging makes me feel dead sexy, told him how it turns me on, told him that when Iím feeling like this Iíve just got to have a shag, didnít matter who with. And that was the truth. Even if I bumped into John McCririck Iíd drop my knickers and bend over. My pussy needed cock real bad. I told him. It was as simple as that. He just happened to be there, so it was with him that I was going to fuck.

I removed his trousers and boxers. He seemed a little nervous, which was understandable I suppose. He started looking round to see if anybody was coming. There was nobody about. Wouldnít have made any difference to me if there was; Iíve had sex in public before with people watching.

So anyway, like I said, I whipped his boxers down and it sprang right up, 7 or 8 inches of rampant cock. Iíve had some cock in my time but this one was really big, Iím telling you Ė not only long, but fuck me, weíre talking proper fat. I went down on it, licking the shaft and the enormous head. In the bushes I swallowed his cock, deep-throating him. Made him proper groan I did, his dog barking in the background.

I slipped my mouth from his cock and took him in hand, wanking him nice and slow. His knob-juice, it was all over my hand. I gave his cock a good hard rubbing. He was loving it. I then rose to my feet and straddled him, straddled his cock, his hands sliding under my tracksuit top, grabbing my sweaty tits. We just fucked like crazy in the bushes. It was amazing.

We started thrusting together, changing positions all the time, the bushes scratching our bodies as we humped and jerked. He now had my wet tracksuit off me. I was completely naked, my body soaked in sweat, the frantic shagging making me even more sticky.

I cried out loud.

ďFuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!Ē

I wanted somebody to hear. His dog heard me. Its ears were proper pricked up. Poor dog, it looked proper confused. It started barking. I wanted it to bark louder, attract attention.

We were both standing, me and the bloke, fucking in the bushes, face to face. His cock was deep inside me, hammering away, shagging my cunt for all it was worth. He grabbed hold of my sweaty arse and pulled me into him, plunging deeper and deeper. I groaned in pure ecstasy as he fucked me senseless. My wetness, it was dripping down my legs. He increased his pace, fucked me harder, deeper. The dog was howling. I was nearly there. Deeper, deeper he thrust, my cunt proper tight around his cock. He slammed right into me and I started my orgasm. I tried to hold it back but I couldnít. I cum and my cunt milked the spunk from his balls. I felt his whole body stiffen and tense, his cum flooding out of me.

We held on to each other, our bodies drenched in sweat. I was exhausted. Jogging and fucking Ė the best exercise you can get.

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