A Crush on a Lawyer

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"Sitting her on his cock he pushed her against the wall and began thrusting his hard cock into her tight wet pussy hole"

Gloria sat at her desk, her fingers clicking away on the keyboard as she typed up a contract that her boss was supposed to provide for a potential client. John was one of the most top rated lawyers in the city, and fortunately for her, he was also the most attractive. Gloria stopped typing and thought about his firm body walking through the door. Six feet tall, short dark hair and washboard abs. Looking around the office, Gloria knew she was alone.

Leaning back in her chair, she spread her legs open and rested her two feet on the desk. She began rubbing her clit in a circular motion. Just then, John walked in and appeared shocked at what he saw.

"Gloria... I..." He stammered. Embarrassed, she scrambled to compose herself and mumbled some apologies. But he wasn't mad. He walked over to her, took her hand and helped her up. Within an instant, he was kissing her neck and grabbing at her firm breasts. Gloria couldn't believe it. It felt so good!

John fiddled at his belt and unzipped his slacks. His cock was huge and rock solid. John picked Gloria up and began kissing her lips as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Sitting her on his cock, he pushed her against the wall and began thrusting into her. Her pussy was dripping wet, but so tight. As he slammed into her, she couldn't stop moaning. Moving her onto the desk, John shoved a bunch of papers and files out of the way. Laying her on her back, he slowed down his thrusts. With her own fingers, she massaged her clit vigorously and couldn't contain herself any longer. She came; her pussy pulsating and tightening on John's large cock. He groaned, almost about to blow his own load. She squirted her juices all over him, and he pulled his cock out, lowered himself down and began sucking her pussy. She screamed with pure ecstasy.

Pulling his hair, she pushed his face hard into her longing pussy. Feeling his tongue thrusting in and out of her pussy made her orgasm unbearable. He moved back up and shoved his cock back into her, slamming into her faster than before. She pulled his tie, and hoisted herself up to wrap her arms around his neck.

"Ohhh... yea.. baby..." She moaned in his ear.

"Uhh... Gloria... I'm gonna cum..." He panted, fucking her harder and harder. At his words, she felt herself beginning to shake. Her pussy exploded more hot cum all over his cock, clenching onto him as if begging for more. "Gloria... I'm gonna cum..."

"Cum inside me, baby... I want it..." She begged him. His firm body began to quiver and shake. He moaned and grunted as his cum squirted up inside her pussy. She could feel him filling her up and came a third time. At that moment, the phone rang.

Snapping back to reality, Gloria looked around the empty office and lowered her legs from the desk. "John Walters Office, Attorney at Law. How may I help you?"

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