A Night My Girl Will Remember

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"Shelby tells us how hot we are wrestling for her and we see her fingering her tight wet pussy"

My girlfriend Shelby and I have been together for 3 yrs now. Our sex life was amazing. One night after making love we laid in bed and cuddled. She was stroking my big hard cock and smiled. I asked her what her deepest darkest naughtiest sex fantasy was.

Shelbys reply was "you'll laugh." I kissed her and promised I wouldnt laugh. She took a deep breathvand said "ok...I'll tell you." She knows I use to wrestle and loved how I looked in my wrestling singlet with a boner.

She said "My fantasy is to see you and your best friend Mike wrestle with boners. But not in your wrestling singlet. I want to see your big hard boners in speedos wrestling. And whoever gets the other guys speedo off 1st wins. The winner can then do as he pleases to me for 15 mins and the other guy has to watch."

I kissed her again and said "ok. What else baby?" She then said after the winner had his 15 mins with me she wanted to see me and the other guy have a rough cock swordfight. She wanted to hear our big hard cocks slap against each other as we swordfight to show her whose cock can stand the most pain. I tell my girl I could make that happen.

Next day Mike and I went to the gym. As we're working out I tell him about Shelby's fantasy. When I finish telling him he smiles and admits he has thought of doing Shelby many times and that he'd be game. So Mike and I plan it.

A week later I come home early from work. Mike comes over shortly after. Shelbys still at work and wouldn't be home for another hour.

Mike and I put on our speedos and move the furniture around so we can wrestle. My girlfriend comes home and I greet her. Mike is in the kitchen waiting for the cue. I put a blindfold on Shelby. I kiss her and take her hand and lead her inside the house. She asks what I'm up to and I tell her you'll see.

I motion to Mike to come out. Shelby is standing in between us. She feels Mike and I kissing both sides of her neck and rubbing her body all over. She smiles. We each take a hand and place it on our cocks. She starts rubbing us getting us hard. We take the blindfold off. I tell her to sit on the couch and she does. Mike and I start circling each other and start to wrestle.

Shelby tells us how hot we are wrestling for her and we see her fingering her tight wet pussy. We start wrestling again both of us wanting her for that 15 mins alone. Mike rips my speedo off and gets up. He walks over to my girl and kisses her. She kisses him back and I start stroking my cock.

She takes Mikes speedo off and starts sucking on his cock. I cut in at the 15 min mark. Both our big cocks still hard Shelby kisses both our cocks. We start slapping our cocks together hard. We're grunting and groaning. We start to get to rough and Shelby gets in the middle. She grabs both our cocks and leads us to the bedroom. We lay on the bed with Shelby in between us. Shes facing me and we start kissing. She feels both our cocks rubbing between her legs.

She tells me to slide my cock in so I do. Then she tells Mike to slide his cock in and he does as well. My girl starts screaming and moaning. We're both going slow so we dont hurt her pussy. I'm 10 inches and Mike is 9. Our cocks rubbing as we both penetrate Shelby.

Shelby cums all over both our cocks and we both shoot our big load in her tight pussy.

After Mike leaves Shelby kisses me and tells me how much she loves me and how much she loved having both Mike and I make her fantasy come true.

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