A Tease Too Far

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on May 17, 2005 was written by Kevin Blake and is from our Voyeur Stories section.
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"I could hear voices and peeped through only to find that Tom had shagged my wife and was just turning her over to take a picture of her naked body"

My wife always wears respectable clothes, she never wears skirts and always covers herself completely. Itís a great shame as she has a great figure and I am always hinting that she ought to dress a bit sexier. She always has an answer and it is never the one I want to hear.

Anyway, I never give in and have asked her many times to surprise me and put on a pair of stockings or something revealing at home so no-one else can see but me.

I always live in hope.

We had booked a holiday and were planning to stay at a hotel overnight before to brake up the driving to the airport and give us enough time to get there.

We arrived at the Hilton, checked in our room and Jenny had a shower first. I went into the bathroom to have my shower when Jenny finished hers. When I came out there it was like an oasis in the sea of desire Jenny was sat on the bed putting on stockings and wearing a skirt. When she saw me beaming she smiled and said shall we go down to the bar for drink?

Needless to say we went to the bar and Jenny sat up on a bar stool opposite me and as she sipped her drink she teased me by opening her legs and showing her stockings to me. As she slightly pulled up her skirt I could see she wasnít wearing any knickers. Was I in heaven!

I didnít notice straight away but Jenny obviously thought I was the only one who could see but I saw the barman take a glance too. I was strangely flattered that he admired my delicious looking wife.

The barman came over and offered Jenny a free cocktail he said this one is on the house and took her empty gin and tonic glass away. Jenny accepted it smiling, which was unusual in itsself as she has never accepted a drink from a stranger.

As she sipped her cocktail she continued to tease me and after another drink I noticed the barman was chatting to another man at the end of the bar and they were also enjoying the show.

There didnít seem to be many people in the bar and there were no other women so my wife was the star of the show.

The barman came over again and said it was his last night working at the hotel and he gave us both another free drink. He whispered in my ear that he had put a few extra doubles in the cocktail.

Jenny liked a glass of wine at home and did enjoy the occasional gin and tonic but she never allowed herself to loose control and I think it must have been the thought of going on holiday that enabled her to relax and act the way she has never acted before. I was quite enjoying it.

Jenny suddenly felt she was drunk and wanted to go back to our room so I helped her off her stool and we walked towards the lift.

The barmanís friend was at the lift and we all got out on the same floor. He could see Jenny needed a bit of help walking so offered a hand. I opened the room door and we carried Jenny to the bed and layed her down gently. As we did her skirt was raised showing her fab triangle of fur and it seemed we were both admiring her beauty for ages but it was probably only seconds.

At that point Jenny muttered something about her bag and said she had left it in the bar.

I said I would go down and get it and the other man Tom said he would go to the bar with me.

Tom and I went to the bar and the barman offered us a free drink and I could never refuse a free drink so sat back at the bar. I was chatting to the barman when I noticed Tom had gone.

The barman said he was going to close the bar in a few minutes and asked if I wanted another drink. I said no thank you and walked to the lift.

When I got to our room I could see the door next to our room was open and could help but look in. Inside the room it had a door into our room and I was expecting it to be locked but surprised when I turned the handle and it opened. I could hear voices and peeped through only to find that Tom had shagged my wife and was just turning her over to take a picture of her naked body with his instant camera. The other voice was the barman who said he had just brought a bottle of Champaign up for Jenny but could see she didnít need it.

The barman asked Tom where I was and Tom said he didnít know and continued taking pictures of Jenny.

Tom asked the barman Bob to pose with Jenny while he took a photo and Bob decided to fuck her instead and Bob took the photo. Jenny was groaning and moving never sexily over the bed when Tom picked up the phone and could someone. Within a few minutes a couple of Tomís mates came into the room and took their jeans off and one fucked Jenny with his enormous cock and the other one dangled his cock in Jennyís mouth. I had always wanted to do that but she never let me. I was quite envious.

Tom got aroused again and decided to fuck my wife again and they all seemed to be fucking her for ages.

When they had finished they all left the room and I entered through the adjoining door and had an enormous hard-on and couldnít resist fucking my wife all night.

When we woke up Jenny said she had a bit of a headache but said she had enjoyed the evening. I noticed there was a photo of my wifeís cunt on the floor and picked it up and said and so did I we must do it again sometime and she agreed!

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