My Name is Lucy - Chapter 2

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Jan 5, 2014 was written by Lucy and is from our Sex Story Series section.
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"I could not wait to pull them down and up popped the biggest cock I have ever seen"

NOTE: This is the 2nd Chapter of the story - You may wish to read chapter 1 first.

Over the next few days I took great delight in taking Brandon's huge cock in my pussy. It felt so stretched. We made love constantly. I think I was in my room more than the beach and we had to always avoid the room maid!

After about a week Brandon asked me if he fulfilled all my fantasies. I asked him why? "Well " he said "Often white women who go with a black man seek to take on more than one if you see what I mean". "I get your drift, But what exactly were you thinking?" Brandon put his hand on my cheek and gave me a kiss before replying that I might like to try taking two black guys on. I suddenly felt very horny. The idea of course excited me. I told Brandon that he more than satisfied me but I was open to what he suggested.

"So would you like to try it", he asked. "Yeah sure" I said, running my hand up his crotch to feel that steel rod.

Brandon took out his mobile and called his friend Louis. "Louis" he said," I would like you to meet Lucy, are you available? Yes, oh good man, well we are in room 33". With that he hung up and smiled at me. "All fixed then, get yourself ready".

Well I could not believe how wet I was at thought of what was about to happen. I put on the sexiest pair of knickers I could find and that was it along with a loose fitting blouse that left my lovely breasts showing through.

After about twenty minutes there was a soft tap on the door. I opened it and there stood Louis. He was tall and stocky with a very well toned body. "Hi Lucy and hi Brandon, thanks for the invitation." We all laughed. Brandon said "Well what do you think". I suddenly felt such a slut but was loving every moment of it. What the hell I was single and needed good sex.

Well I was about to get it. Louis sat on the edge of the bed and said "Come here woman" in such a firm tone that I could not refuse. I sat on his lap as Brandon sat in the chair and watched us caress. He ran his hands all the way up my legs whilst kissing my breasts through my skimpy blouse. I stood and took off my blouse as Louis took down my wet panties which he smelt and said "Wow lady you are hot and horny". I smiled and was wondering what was coming next. He stood and told me to get on my knees to view my treat. I did as I was told and faced his big bulge."Now undo me and release your present" he teased.

I did exactly as told and unzipped his trousers, pulled them down and felt his huge cock beneath his pants. I could not wait to pull them down and up popped the biggest cock I have ever seen. Brandon said "I knew you would not be disappointed". I certainly was not and oh boy I stroked it up and down first before taking him in my mouth. "That's my baby" Louis said, "Just keep doing that". As I sucked on my knees I could see Brandon undress and come to feel my firm breasts. My nipples were so erect and my pussy getting wetter.

I kept sucking on Louis beautiful cock until he bent down and lifted me into the air and onto the bed. "You have a very good mouth ", he said "Now do the same for Brandon". I was on my knees on the bed sucking Brandon hard and Louis was licking my arse and my pussy. He was also gently fingering me at the same time. Brandon and Louis did a high five above my back. I knew this as Louis had just said "Lucy, you are a complete slut and you love it." I drew back from Brandon's cock and said "I love your big black cocks, please fuck me."

With that Louis turned me on my back whilst Brandon held my arms. "Now you are going to feel a real cock" he said. His massive beast began to rub up and down my lips and I was now sopping with pleasure. Brandon asked if I was ready for Louis to go inside me and I replied that I was more than ready. He duly obliged and his black pole disappeared slowly up inside me. I gasped and jolted and Brandon held me firm whilst Louis started to thrust. Oh the sheer joy of being taken by two such beautiful black guys was almost overwhelming and I started to moan. "That's it baby". said Louis, "Take my big cock right in your pussy". Whilst on my back being pounded I was able to suck Brandon's balls. Both men played with my breasts.

My legs were now being held up in the air by both men and I was suddenly coming. With a loud yell I had the most exhilarating orgasm on Louis cock. He smiled and kept pumping. I came again and again. This guy had some staying power.

Then I was on my knees again taking both cocks in my mouth. "I want to see your cum". I said to them and I had one hand on each cock. I kept jerking and licking and then the real moment came and an explosion of semen from both cocks covered my face and dripped onto my breasts. The taste of the two of them was wonderful and I collected and licked and swallowed all that I could.

They draped their cocks over my face and I licked them both clean.

Well we just all lay on the bed slightly exhausted. Even Louis non erect cock was a sight to see but I could sense that Brandon was hardening and he lay on top of me and started to kiss passionately. Then he said it was time for me to take two. Louis lay on his back and entered me slowly from behind as I faced Brandon. It was hard to take it at first but I soon relaxed and allowed his cock to ease further into my anus. Louis held my legs up so that Brandon could see my pussy. He ran his fingers along and then took his cock and entered me. Two big black cocks filling me up. It was ecstasy.

They pumped alternately and gathered pace. I could feel myself coming and they encouraged me to let go." I'm yours" I shouted, "I'm yours. Take me and fuck me. This time I want your cum inside me. They both duly obliged as I had an orgasm yet again. Sperm dripped from everywhere. It felt great.

So Louis asked if I had enjoyed myself. I most certainly had and I said that we must all get together again soon. I would really look forward to that.

Both guys then took themselves off and Brandon said that he would see me at 8 for dinner.

With that I fell exhausted onto the bed and promptly fell asleep.

Chapter Three

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