My Name is Lucy - Chapter 6

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Feb 8, 2014 was written by Lucy and is from our Sex Story Series section.
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"Kela climbed on top of me now and instead of using her hand to rub my pussy started to grind hers against mine"

NOTE: This is the 6th Chapter of the story - You may wish to read chapter 1 first.

It was about 8pm when I came to and the feeling of Kela's lovely body next to me made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I stroked her lovely dark hair and kissed her on the cheek.

She blinked on opened one eye. "We must have been very tired to have fallen asleep", she said. "It was all that activity before", I said in a very cheeky fashion. Kela laughed and said that sex with me was quite the most fantastic and I really knew how to turn her on. What a lovely compliment, I thought and held her close and ran my hand over her breasts.

"What's the plan for this evening", Kela enquired. "I will let you know when I have licked you all over and made love with you again", I said. I lay on top of her and started by licking her neck and coming down to her breasts. I shuffled my body up so that my pussy rested on her nipple and then ground in hard. The feeling was lovely.

I then continued to lick down her body and between her legs. The joy of licking the inside of those lovely long legs was so sensual and Kela was moaning in anticipation of what was to come. Firstly I licked all down her legs and sucked her toes one by one. When I had finished my tongue crept back to her pussy lips that were so wet they almost glistened. Her smell was gorgeous and I quickly put my tongue inside her and probed around.

Then I stroked those lovely lips with my tongue and buried my face in all the juice so that it covered the whole of my face. I then decided to work on her clitoris and licked and licked whilst stoking her pussy lips.

Kela was panting and saying how great I was at this. She then exploded in a multiple orgasm whilst I kept my face in her pussy.

She lay there for a few moments before pulling me to her for a long passionate kiss. She had her hands on my bottom and squeezed whilst saying that she wanted me beside her all night. "Why not", I said and rolled to be beside her.

Kela climbed on top of me now and instead of using her hand to rub my pussy started to grind hers against mine. It was very sensuous and I was so wet.

Her mouth came close to mine and she started to kiss me so passionately whilst continuing to grind herself against me. She worked at licking me all over and it felt so sexy and sensuous. She did not miss any part of my body and licked my ass with my legs raised in the air. God what a feeling. Only another woman could do this properly I thought. She probed my anus with her tongue and then laid me down to lick my pussy. I came in an instant and my whole body shook. Kela stroked my breasts and lovingly felt my face."That was heaven", I said. "It was meant to be", she replied.

Kela had to work the whole of the following day and was not sure about after that but promised to call me.

Continued in Chapter 7

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