My Lady Assistant and I Masturbate Each Other

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"I knew that Helen was going to make me ejaculate I found some old newspapers and put them on the carpet"

I started a business a couple of years ago and it was so successful that I needed and assistant to help me to cope. I engaged a widow called Helen and we discovered that we had identical birth dates. She said that we could be twins, but of course, we were not. She proved to be a very good assistant so I decided to take a couple of weeks away an leave her in charge. We would keep in touch by telephone, she using my mobile number, if any difficulty arose.

I decided that my two-week holiday should be different from any previous holidays I`d had before I started my business. I made up my mind to have a naturist holiday. I used my computer and found a naturist hotel in Devon. The information on my computer showed a picture some naked guests sitting in a garden. Using my computer I booked in and duly arrived there and was taken to my room by a fully dressed lady. She suggested that I could undress when she left me. I did and mixed with other nude people both male and female.

During my holiday Helen telephoned me to say there were no problems but wanted to know where I was and what was I doing. Because we were by now quite friendly I told her that I was naked in the garden of the hotel with other naked people. I expected her to be quite shaken by what I had said but apparently she was not because she asked if I was getting an over-all sun tan. I said I was gradually.

When I returned to my office Helen said that she could see that my face was quite brown and asked if I was brown all over.

“Yes, I am Helen”.

“Could I see it, Peter?”

“If you like but I can`t show you in this office as we might be seen by employees. Would you like to come to my house after we close the office? It would be safe for me to undress there but would you be shocked if I did?”

“Not at all. I want to see your sun tan so I`d be quite prepared to see you nude”.

In her car she followed mine to my house, the first time she had done so. In my house I asked her if I should now undress.

“Of course, Peter. I very much want to see your all over tan. I`ve never seen one before”.

With that invitation I stripped completely nude, shoes, socks, shirt and underpants. There I was, stark naked, in front of Helen. Here I must confess that I liked it. Somehow it was different from being naked in the hotel, probably because Helen is my friend and at the hotel people were only acquaintances.

“It looks as if you are being affected because your cock is a little hard. Did that happen when you were naked with those naked people in the garden of the hotel?”

“Only at first but I soon got used to it and it didn`t happen again”.

“Then why is it happening here, Peter?”

“It`s because you are my friend and I`ve never before been naked in front of you”.

“I quite understand. Now turn round and let me see what an over-all sun tan looks like”.

I turned round several times to show my naked body.

“Yes, you are very tanned, Peter. Your holiday was good for you”.

“It was but here I am, stark naked in front of you, and you are fully dressed. That isn`t really fair”.

“You are hinting that I should be naked, too”.

“Yes, I am. Have you the nerve to do it?”

“Yes, I have”. At which Helen stripped herself naked and the effect on me was to make my cock fully hard. Something that didn`t happen at the hotel. There, it only hardened a little.

“My word, Peter. You`ve got a full hard-on. Is that because you are seeing me naked?”


“Do you want to do something to get it to reduce?”

“I`d like to masturbate. That would get it down. Should I?”

“Why not? But why don`t I do it for you. May I?”

“Of course you may. I haven`t been masturbated for years. I have to do it myself”.

Now I knew that Helen was going to make me ejaculate I found some old newspapers and put them on the carpet.

Helen said she was willing to let me masturbate her so we masturbated each other. Helen guided my cum on to the newspapers while I made her cum several times.

“That was super, Peter. But another time we should have sex instead of masturbating each other”.

“Do you want me to fuck you Helen?”


We did fuck but that is another story.

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