A Long Time Ago

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Feb 1, 2006 was written by Carol D. J. and is from our Short stories section.
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"There was Mary, legs up on his shoulders on the edge of the bed while he was lowering into her"

Frank and I used to be roommates in a garden apartment near where we worked. Frank was never at a loss for bringing home women after a good night out. I was dating Mary so I wasn't as prolific as Frank. I knew Frank was a good lover and that he must have had a decent sized cock from the very loud sounds of his sessions, the "OMGs" from the women, etc. I have to admit, I became voyeuristic and couldn't wait to listen in as Frank went at it again with someone else. One night I ran into him in the hall on the way to the john as he was leaving his room after doing some lady. Damn was he hung. He had to be about 9 inches, while somewhat flaccid. It was hanging there, swinging. You could tell that he just got done making love. Now I knew what all the OMGs were about.

Anyway, Mary moved in with us in the apartment. She and I were getting serious, close to getting engaged. Frank was always a gentleman and very pleasant to her. Never came on to her though. It wasn't long however, before the sounds of Frank's love making and the "OMGs" came through the walls. While our sex was decent, I didn't have Mary screaming "OMG", "oh Baby" and slamming the bed into the wall. I'm about 6 inches fully hard.

At first, the sounds embarassed Mary and she asked if this happened a lot. I told her it did. I'll never forget one night, Frank was really going at it for quite some time. Mary asked me if this was going to go on for a while and how surprised she was that it was still going on! That's probably the first time I started thinking about seeing Frank take Mary with that big dick of his, especially from behind. Mary has a broad ass, but very firm. I would get myself off thinking about how hot it would be seeing Frank pound her from behind with his big dick.

I used to try to set up situations, e.g., going to the beach together so Mary could get a glimpse of Frank's package, even thru a wet bathing suit. I caught her a few times catching some looks at his crotch. But nothing seemed to come from it from either one of them. One night Frank came over to my room late at night looking for a condom. He didn't realize that Mary was there and knocked on the door. She answered the door then got back in bed telling me that Frank was looking for a condom. I got up to get Frank one and there he was, hard and huge, I mean huge! He apologized, mentioned his embarrasment and left. I know Mary got a great look at his cock, but she didn't say anything about it.

A few weeks later, I had to leave for a business trip for about a 10 days. That left Frank and Mary in the apartment together. Mary said she was comfortable with that given that we were all good friends. We talked on the phone every day, nothing unusual, the same ol' work stuff, etc.

I got home a couple of days early, in the evening, having wrapped up the consulting assignment. Mary's car wasn't in the driveway so I figured she was still at work. I was making my way to my bedroom when I heard the old familiar sounds from Frank's room down the hall, bed crashing against the wall, Frank huffing like he was just slamming into some lucky lady. I couldn't help myself. I left the apartment and went around to Frank's window to hear more.

One of the blind slats was up a little so I peeked in... Jesus, what a sight! There was Mary, legs up on his shoulders on the edge of the bed while he was lowering into her. I was stunned but got an instant hard on. I watched for a few minutes as he just pounded her in a blur of movement. He spun her around and I got to see my fantasy...taking her doggie style with that big dick! WOW! A couple of "OMGs!" from Mary and I was ready to explode. I left not wanting the neighbors to turn me in.

I stayed out until about midnight that night. I called the house an hour or so after I saw my spectacle to let Mary know that I was coming home early. I got home and was greeted by her in an affectionate way, similar to always. The two of them never said anything.

Well - it's been 12 years since that time. Mary and I are married, as is Frank. We keep in touch but not much else. But I still get off thinking about my wife and that big dick! Who knows, maybe a reunion is in order.

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