Finding out - Part one.

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Oct 30, 2006 was written by Shirley and is from our Short stories section.
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"Young girl finding out about her developing body and experiencing sex for the first time."

I found out that my body was starting to develop just after my tenth birthday, I discovered two circles, only just detectable, on my chest. I was intrigued. Every summer I spent my summer holidays with Aunt Jean, my mother's youngest sister. She was more like an older sister to me and I could talk about anything with her.

That summer soon after I arrived at her small house we had a talk about sex. I told Aunt Jean about my breasts that were now visible as such. She was surprised and told me that when she was growing up her breasts had only started to develop when she was almost fourteen.

I showed thm to her and she seemed quite pleased for me. Aunt Jean was a teacher and during the holidays often had a day at her school working on the next term. I had always masturbated from as far back as I could remember and I had now discovered that it had become much more pleasurable.

One late wet afternoon, unable to go out, I laid on my bed with a book, but soon I had pulled my knickers down and started to masturbate. Aunt Jean returned early, unheard by me, the next moment she appeared in my bedroom and caught me. She turned a bit pink and I felt very guilty and apologised. Recovering her poise she told me not to be embarrassed as most people did it even after they had grown up. I had removed my finger but my 'mary' as we young girls called it then was left exposed, Auntie looked at me before I could close my legs and said that I looked far more 'grown up' than she would have thought. To my surprise we then proceeded to talk about sex.

"I can see that you're growing up very quickly, Shirley dear, and I am sure that you know very little about what is happening to you and what it means." She proceeded to explain about the female body and then told me how boys were made and how, when we were grown up the object of us being designed like that was so that babies could be made.

She then explained how. "Now," she continued, "soon you will experience your first period....", and she told me it's purpose and how what the boys left inside a girl's 'mary' started a baby. It was the most amazing afternoon I had ever experienced. I told her that I had seen boys things and that they were all soft and floppy and couldn't possibly go inside my 'mary', she then told me what happened when a boy played with a girl's 'mary' and got excited.

I had a job to believe it. "Now Shirley, what I want to impress on you is that it is very dangerous for a young girl like you, her body getting all ready for sex, to let a boy put his dick inside you, you just must not do it! It could ruin your life."

Later that holiday a young man came to visit, as Auntie's cottage only had two bedrooms he slept with Auntie. One night I woke up needing to spend a penny, as I went to the bathroom and then returned to my room I heard sounds as if Auntie was in pain. I went and stood outside her door and I heard her say, "Oh darling you know just how to fuck me, that feels wonderful, don't come yet!" Puzzled I went back to bed, what did 'fucking' mean, or 'coming'? I had no idea. I duly went back home.

By now very curious indeed I sought out one of my boy cousins, we had always got on very well, and I asked him to show me his dick. He said, "I'll show you my dick if you show me your cunt."

I said, "What does cunt mean?" he told me and I agreed. We went somewhere private and he duly dropped his shorts and pants and showed me his 'cock' as he called it. He wrapped his fingers round it and moved his hand up and down the shaft, his 'cock' grew rapidly and became much longer, thicker and harder.

I was astounded and extremely interested. He then insisted that I removed my knickers and showed him my 'mary' or cunt as he called it. Honour bound I did so, "Lie down and open your legs," he told me. I did so and he stared at my cunt, "You can feel my cock if I can feel your cunt!" he offered. I wanted to feel him so I did what he said. I was surprised at how hard his cock was and it got wet at the tip. "My turn," he said. I told him that he had to be very gentle as girls hurt easily there. He felt me carefully, running his fingers up and down my slit until I was suddenly wet and his fingers slipped in. I told him how to feel me and I think we thoroughly enjoyed each other. When he said he wanted to put his cock in me I refused, he was alright about it and thanked me saying he had never seen or felt a girl's cunt before.

The next summer I again went to Auntie Jean's, by now I had a burgeoning figure, I loved looking at myself in the mirror. My breasts were much bigger, high and firm and I had a plump swelling between my legs and my 'mary' had developed fuller lips with rounded edges. When I masturbated the excitement was intense. Auntie said as soon as she saw me, "My goodness, Shirley, you have grown up!" I told her that I had been having a regular period for nearly a year and that I'd found out what a boy's dick was like and been felt myself. "I'm not sure that I approve," she said, "but I suppose a girl has to learn."

Watch out for part two!

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