Uncle Ravishes Innocent Niece

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Nov 12, 2007 was written by Juicy J and is from our Incest and Taboo section.
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"I sat watching my 18 year old niece on her birthday. I couldn't help but lick my lips while watching her teen titties bouncing as she jumped up and down."

I sat watching my 18 year old niece on her birthday. I couldn't help but lick my lips while watching her teen titties bouncing as she jumped up and down.

I have wanted to touch and ravish my innocent niece for a year now. I have watched her turn into a hot and young piece of ass. I had plans for her later. My mind was already picturing those budding little titties naked and in my mouth. After you open all your presents and blow out the cake with your supple lips, I tell you it's time for bed. Your mom and dad are going out for the night.

After my sister and your father leave I sneek into your bedroom with a present. I had caught you masterbating a week before and I wanted give you something to fill that tight teen pusssy.

I sit on your bed and pull a 9 inch vibrator out of a birthday bag. You are still sleeping and your nipples are hard. I nervously reach out and tweak your nipple. My 12 inch cock instantly hardens. I know then I will not hold back. I turn the vibrator on and still you don't wake up. I Hold the vibrating cock to your tight little snatch. Your pussy wettens instantly. I begin to pull your panties down and massage your dripping pussy with the huge dildo. I begin to roughly shove it up your virgin slit.

You wake with a start with pleasure and pain. I can't stop slamming the shaking object hard into your pussy making your cherry pop with a dripping joy. you can't help but buck on the hard cock penetrating. you. I tell you that you are being punished and you shouldn't move. " I am Going to stick my cock into your pussy girl. Take it like you want it, Fuck that daddy dick."

She looked at me with innocent blue eyes begging me not to. I grabbed my throbbing cock and shoved it up her tight teen pussy. I wanted to violate more than one of this tight little virgin's holes. I spit on her budding ass hole and shoved to fingers into her tight pucker. she gasped thrusting her hips the opposite way. I began fucking the little whore violently from both angles. Then I eased the 9 inch dildo up her tight ass hole.

My nieces body couldn't help but shudder in a full body orgasm. I started fucking my hot niece so hard my balls were pounding on the vibrating dildo in her tight virgin asshole. My cock began throbbing. I burst my hot daddy cum into her virgin pussy. I shot load after load into her pussy filling her with my seed. after I tell her to go shower.

Surprisingly my niece comes to visit more often. She keeps telling me she's been a very bad girl.

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