Emilys Seduction

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"The desire rushing through you creating a rapture as I have never seen"

You wake to find your hands tied together to the top of the bed. He knows you want to experiment but you find it so sudden. You are the type of person who has to plan things. There is an order to life. The sun rises and sets, we wake and sleep. Chaos is randomness, nothingness. But you are open to it.

What can it possibly hurt you think to yourself. Testing the bonds, wrists twist back and forth. The sensation of the silk sliding sends shivers up and down your spine. The bonds are tight, but not so tight as to hurt. Your hands easily slid back and forth. You’ve had your eyes closed to assimilate the feeling of being tied, not in control. This sends a thrill to your center. Anything could happen and you would have no way of stopping any of it. You try to open your eyes but find nothing, darkness, complete and utter.

There is a third scarf, so far unknown. He has covered your eyes. The sense that is relied on by far the most. Now you feel panic inching its way through your body. The icy fingers inching along the inside of your legs, down your back. The cool breath rushing along your face, breathing upon your neck. "Ryan?" you call out tentatively. The fear is in your voice, and you hate it. This is your game, you want this, wanted this. "Ryan, you answer me now! Where are you?" A pleading tone this time. The fear is there now. You hear it, feel it, taste it.

Get a hold of yourself, he loves you he would never hurt you. A game, this is just a game. Then the sound comes, a slight brushing noise. You know then he is padding down the hall, dragging his feet as he goes. He does this constantly, his way of telling you he's coming or just his way of walking, you never know. You turn your head toward the sound, or at least where it must be coming from. With no sight, it is very disorienting. Right, left, up, down, it all seems the same. "Ryan, say something baby, just so I know you are. This is okay; I just need to know so I can get my bearings.

Baby, I love you, but I need to see. It will make it so much better." Your words rush out, uncertain if he is even there. But at these words, you hear a soft sighing noise. You know he heard the words, suddenly fearful he will end the game you strain against the bonds. To feel him, to show him your desire, that is all that fills your mind. Then you feel it, soft, so gentle you might have imagined it. Something makes a path along your inner thigh. As light as air, but as substantial as a brick. A moan bubbles up deep from within your throat.

I see you lying on the bed. The desire rushing through you creating a rapture as I have never seen. It makes the very blood in my veins boil to see you in your position, completely open. Willing yet not, you are mine now to do as I please. I draw my fingers along your leg. Gently, firmly, ever changing as I go. You moan so loud, I feel it vibrate through me. Twisting, turning, straining for my touch. Yet I withdraw. Watch you as you look for me, yet with no eyes there is no answer. I move from the side of the bed, walking around to glimpse you from another angle. As I lay beside you, still straining for my touch. I see your breasts arched out, the taut nipples wanting, needing, yearning to be taken. I lean over you and flick my tongue out. A delicate bud to be tasted. Over and over, delicate touches, flicks of my tongue. One and then the other but never are they alone. As I take one in my mouth I tease the other with my fingers.

Screams of pleasure rip from your throat. "Yes, please, oh god take me now!!" You can't hold it in any longer, you want your hands to give pleasure as you are getting it. Thrashing from side to side you don't know how to hold it in. The orgasm rips through your body. Leaving glittering stars in its wake. Never have you felt something like this, earth shattering is the way to describe it. Your broken into a million pieces. But still he presses on. As his tongue continues to lick your hardened nipples, never relenting there grip on your passion. You feel his hand slid down your stomach. You know the next one will be better, but you don't know how you will survive.

You taste like roses and sweet cream. I love taking you in my mouth. There is more to come, but I'm fascinated by your reaction to my simple touches. I slid my hand down your stomach, wanting to be nestled in your silky warmth. Rubbing you as I go, so soft and warm. I reach your secret place and stop just before. My finger moves up and down. Tapping, as if knocking to say "Can I come in?" Once again your hips buck against the bed. You slide closer to me feeling my desire press against your hip. You know what is to be and you want it so bad.

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