Milking the Love

This erotic sex story published on Apr 7, 2008 was written by Banrok and is from our Short stories section.
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"Jennys hand started pumping my dick up and down and allowing the tip to become fully exposed every time"
Richard In the morning the sun was shining right through our front room windows as I walked in wearing nothing but my gown. The carpet is very soft and the whole room was warm. Jenny was in her gown as she reached for a sheet, a large bed sheet that she folded neatly and placed on the floor as she did so she undone my gown and I got down on my hands and knees on the blanket.

Jenny As I undone Richards gown his penis jumped out to meet me. I completely removed the gown and as Richard got in position I gently moved his legs apart to allow the air to circulate nicely around his freely hanging dick. There was no point in wasting time so I got on with milking the juices from Richard that had built up in the night.

Richard Jennyís hand started pumping my dick up and down and allowing the tip to become fully exposed every time. I could feel I had a lot of spunk ready and it was just a case of Jenny getting it out as much as possible. She didnít grip too hard but just a nice steady firm grasp to let my muscles build with tension and let all my spunk build up for one huge emptying.

Jenny Its not that I didnít want his spunk inside of me it was just a case of clearing him out ready for the day ahead as in the morning he awakes with an almighty hard on. And I just milk his penis until it shoots it all out witch it was about to do after only a few up and down pumps. I moved it so it was leaning slightly forwards as to get as much out as possible.

Richard I wasnít holding back or delaying my ejaculation instead I was letting my natural feelings take over my body until they sent me spiraling into one big ejaculating orgasm and I could feel the semen gushing out of me like a hose pipe.

Jenny I love Richard so as the semen came shooting out I couldnít help and put my other hand out to catch it and my what an almighty hot sticky mess of Richards fresh semen was covering my hand and dripping all over the sheet. Richard thanked me for emptying him. I often do this but this morning I held my self back as I wasnít very horny myself. Can you imagine what I do when I am???

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