The Beach House Spanking

This erotic sex story published on Sep 25, 2004 was written by Anon and is from our Spanking stories section.
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"I am a 19 year-old guy who just received an over-the-knee spanking from his 36 year-old aunt"

I’m a 19 year-old guy who just received an over-the-knee spanking from his 36 year-old aunt. It all started when I decided to stay with my young aunt at her Florida beach house instead of joining the rest of the family at Disney World. My folks were fine with everything, but I knew this was my big chance to prove I was an adult. I did my thing my Aunt Kathy did hers. The whole week went fine until Friday.

That’s when my aunt went to a party at a neighbor’s house and left me alone at her place. About an hour passed by when I got bored watching TV and went on her computer searching for porn. Before you knew it, I had stripped nude and was masturbating to some hot video clips. I had the sound up and did not hear my aunt open the door until she yelled, “You pig!” I quickly jumped in the air but it was too late. I was caught. All I can remember next was watching the green blur of my aunt’s bikini come toward me. Suddenly I was over her knee with my ass high in the air and my head on the carpet. A rain of hard, hand spanks descended on each of my bare cheeks and I was more shocked than embarrassed.

I tried to get off her lap but each time she was able to push me down again causing my already stiff cock to rub against her thighs. “Please Aunt Kathy stop,” I gasped, knowing I was close to orgasm. I knew one final rub would do it, but I was overwhelmed by thoughts of my aunt in her bikini slapping my reddening ass. I relaxed my own thighs and let my full hardness brush across her knees as slap after slap landed on my bare bottom. As my cum released and my aunt realized what I did, she screamed. I thought that might be the end of it, but she didn’t skip a beat pulling off her flip-flop and spanking me with it. “You’re a disgusting young man doing this in my house!” she shouted as the sandal slapped across each cheek. After about 100 slaps, she lifted me by the neck off her lap and pushed my nose in the corner. As I stood there with my ass glowing, she chastised me for my indecent deeds. “You ought to be ashamed of yourself, what if your parents knew!” she clamored. As she wiped my cum from her legs, she said, “You stand right there and think about this young man, while I clean up.”

As I stood with my nose in the corner and my bare ass still stinging I couldn’t think of anything but that. My aunt is pretty sexy for an older woman ( 5’ 7” 135 lbs, 34-23-36) and thinking of her nude in the shower after I had just cum on her leg was too much. My hard-on began to rage again. “Well did you learn your lesson?” she asked. “Turn around,” “No, I can’t,” I said embarrassed by my dripping hard-on. “I said turn around,” she shouted grabbing my arm. She gasped at my erection and I started to cry. “I’m sorry Aunt Kathy,” I blubbered, I can’t help it.”

I half expected to get another slap as she sat down on the bed next to me. “Oh, you poor thing,” she said, rubbing my bare bottom. “I forgot how confusing it can be at your age. Is that what has you all worked up?” I shook my head too embarrassed to say anything. “My, my, this is quite a piece of equipment you have here,” she said grabbing my erection with her thumb and forefinger. “Now tell Aunt Kathy why this thing is still loaded?” I couldn’t bring myself to say I loved being over her knee with my bare bottom being spanked so I just stood there as she gently pulled on my ever stiffing member.

“I think you enjoyed being spanked, didn’t you?” she said cupping my balls. I nodded, hiding my face. “Do you often think about girls putting you over their knees and spanking your bare bottom?” I nodded again. My aunt laughed as she rubbed my sore bottom. “Would you like it if aunt Kathy took you over her friend’s house and spanked your naughty bare bottom in front of everyone?” “Yes.” I said, barely able to talk. “Because you’re such a bad boy, I might have to spank you more often. Do you know what that would mean? She asked, stroking me. “Hmmm, I’d have to pull down your pants, put you over my knee and slap each cheek like this,” she said lightly tapping my bottom. I’d just keep spanking and spanking, ohhh!” She laughed as my cum shot into the air.

After that she just patted my bottom and told me to get dressed. I wonder what the weekend will bring.

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