Horror Sex Stories

Horror fiction, horror literature and also horror fantasy is a genre of literature, which is intended to, or has the capacity to frighten its readers, scare or startle viewers/readers by inducing feelings of horror and terror such as the popular television series "American Horror Story". These stories create an eerie and often times frightening atmosphere.

Horror stories can be either supernatural or non-supernatural.

Often the central menace of a work of horror fiction can be interpreted as a metaphor for the larger fears of a society.

From nightmares involving sex with wild beasts and aliens the horror sex stories listed below excel with a difference, some are weird and strange - and some of them are quite frightening to the reader in their own way.

The Story List for This Category

  • The Declitorizer - The Declitorizer is a work of fiction where American women get a desire to have their clitoris removed
  • 2075 - This story take place towards the end of the 21 century when women have executive roles and men clerical work, household chores and stud service
  • Robopocalypse - It was double penetration and his anus stretched obscenely to accommodate the cock and tongue
  • Ghost of Me - Ghost has gay sex with a young man with supernatural force
  • Order of the Blood Plant - She was out of her mind with her first orgasm she could see bright colors and thrashed her head wildly as the eightteen year old screamed.
  • Lord of Lies - Both of the vampire brides now drank from each of her wrists as their master's dong pummelled the teenager to her end as the large bed creaked on the wooden floor.
  • Alien Food - Part 1 - I could feel it press even deeper into me as something very large slowly eased itself downward toward my inflamed penis
  • Haunted House - The invisible hands that grabbed her legs were now gently rubbing the clothed material between her legs
  • Half Brother gets fed up - Half brother rapes his step sister
  • Canceled Trip - She started to finger herself and had an earth shattering orgasm
  • Molly In The Big City - He pulls it out quickly and starts spanking me again this time with his hard dick
  • Interesting Time Sex Dungeon and Sold -
  • A Vampires Kiss - A woman lost on the streets of New Orleans in search of someone who can help her who else to help but a vampire
  • Nursing Girls - Three young university girls go on a much deserved vacation to relax and maybe have a little bit of fun with each other
  • Wolf Lover - The wolf rapidly began to pound his cock into her the thrusts shaking her entire body
  • The Woods Fight Back - The woods and forests of the worlds have shared a special bond with humans
  • Demon Seed - The Paragons former angels now demons were exiled to the darkest depths of hell
  • Zombie lust - I was walking home from a friends graduation party and I admit I was more than a little drunk
  • Every Night For Eternity - A virginal vampire goddess for him every night for eternity
  • Intemperate Acquaintances - Just eighteen, she was in her last year of high-school. Having her mind set on a career in journalism.
  • Too Good to be True - I knew what was expected, Gloria was crying but I undid her top and off it fell, her tits looked glorious, firm, full and dark.
  • Best Friends - Despite her flat chest, Ashley had wide hips and chunky thighs, which she attempted to hide with full skirts and long shirtvests.
  • Mushroom Thief - Suddenly she moaned hotly and pushed forward. Maggot could hear Fang licking and slurping between the girl's legs.
  • Of Wolf and Woman - Caveson was a necromancer, a black magician. A few people in the village knew and would come to him for magical favors
  • In Dreams He Will Come - Dropping his head he sunk his teeth into her neck, pushing himself deep inside of her once more before letting himself explode inside
  • You Bet Your Brain - Sara choose to get one big lump sum by going up to a guy's car and asking if he'd like to fuck her for fifty dollars
  • Moon Touched - She groaned in pleasure as the tongue parted her moist pussy lips and began to stroke her clit