Fantasy Dong

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"Women might say size does not matter but we all know thats not true"

Women might say size doesn’t matter but we all know that’s not true. I am not saying an averaged sized penis can’t get the job done and usually satisfies her very well but I guarantee all women at least fantasize about fucking an extremely large cock, one that would split them open and reach depths never satisfied before.

I am not talking a couple inches bigger than average, most women have experienced that with a past lover, I am talking about a big fat 12+ inch mound of meat that would fill them up and push them to the brink of ecstasy. This is what is known as the fantasy dong and only a few men in the world possess one. Since very few men achieve this size that’s what makes it so desirable and why women fantasize about it.

My name is Nick, I am not what you would call good looking, and most women don’t even give me a second glance when walking by. That being said, I have had my share of lovers, well over a hundred , I have seem to lost count at this point. I have fucked some of the most beautiful women in the world, single married it does not matter I have never had a problem picking up women. You ask, am I a skilled pickup artist? Do I have billions of dollars? Am I famous? The answer to these question, is “no“. I have what every girl wants, I have a fantasy dong. I must say I never get tired of pussy, I am not married and will probably never will be. I am not the man women want to marry just the man they want to fuck.

Picking up women is quit easy, I simply walk up to them and say “Hi my name is Nick and I have your fantasy in my pants.” I have done this many times and it usually never fells, I have walked up to women with their boyfriends and husbands and still had success. I have walked up to groups of women and ended up taking them all home for fun night of sex. “Fantasy in his pants” gets them every time, it might take them awhile but they usually always make it a point to find time to come chat with me. They usually ask if they can see it, I tell them “no, not here”, their desire takes over and they ask “where then”. I tell them we could go to my place or theirs, knowing once they see it, they will have to have it, all 12 + inches stuffed deep inside themselves. They always say give me a minute and go back to their friends, boyfriends or husbands. After a brief discussion they come back say “ok“, knowing this could be their only opportunity to ever experience a fantasy dick. Sometimes they ask if their boyfriend or husband could come along too. I tell them I don’t mind, It is not my business if a man wants to see his little pretty stuffed to capacity by an enormous cock.

When we meet again at a private location, there is usually no small talk they just eagerly say “ let me see it”, I take my prize from my pants and give them a good view of their fantasy dick. At this point it does not matter who I am, I do not have to bee good looking or a rock star, they know they must have it and that is that. After a few “oh my goods!” and “wows!” They ask if they can touch it, I agree. I love the soft feel of a women’s small hand gripping my hard throbbing cock, and watching their expression of disbelief on their faces, “It’s huge” they say as they stroke my cock from top to bottom trying to wrap their fingers around its girth.

If they came with a boyfriend or spouse this is when they beg for permission. “Please, please, please, let me fuck him!!!” What man could resist allowing his love in life to experience the pure pleasure of being penetrated to her fullest and having her sexual desire fulfilled to its highest point. Not to mention that the horny bastard gets his fantasy also fulfilled of watching his loves pussy being plowed by an extremely large cock. It is a win/win situation for both, and the men usually shake their head yes and that’s all it takes for me to add another fantasy fulfilled to my growing list.

The first thing the women ask is, “will it fit” I assure them that it will and they will enjoy every bit of it. I always go down and stimulate her with my mouth, not because I love the taste of a hot juicy cunt which I do, but to also ensure that she is well lubricated to except my massive tool. After a little oral and finger fun, I determine she is ready to have her fantasy fulfilled. As I stand and begin to part her wet pussy lips with the tip of my endowment, they usually tell me “go slow” I reassure them and slowly inch my way into their hot little snatch. They give a slight moan of pleasure as they feel it penetrate then let out a loud cry of pain as I go deeper. Their faces tell the story of their thoughts, at first it is of past lovers gauging how far their inter depths have been touched before, remembering everyone she had ever fucked in her life, then the expression of pure bliss shows, as I go beyond any touched region . They try to fuck back, like they would with any other guy, but realize there is no need, the size and girth is all they need to reach their first of many orgasm . I don’t give it all to her on the first stroke the pussy needs time to stretch and expand to except the massive mound of meat, so I back out slowly as she cry’s out for more. The second thrust is deeper than the first and I continue the in and out motion causing her to have multiple waves of orgasmic pleasure, thrusting until I sink the whole dam thing deep inside her. I stop and hold it in her fully penetrated , as tears run down her face, she looses her breath and can not speak a word. Her face tells the story of pure pleasure. I back out once again this time thrusting all the way in and pound hard, I quicken the pace enjoying the sound of cock and pussy grinding together, she screams out one last time with new found inner desire. I can’t hold back any longer I blow a load of hot cum deep inside her. I look around at husbands, boyfriends and friends who gathered, standing in amazement of what they just experienced. The happily fucked women lay there still quivering from pleasure and we part our ways when she recovers .

Fantasy fulfilled!!! Don’t worry they always come back for more, you see, they save it for a special occasion like a birthday. This allows them time to anticipate it all year long and get excited to once again be satisfied by their fantasy dong.

So goes the story of Nick and his fantasy dong, what about you is this your fantasy too. Could you resist the temptation of Nick or any other man who possessed a fantasy dick, or if given permission would you give into your desire and hidden suppression.

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