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"For The Girls is a quality erotic website for women that combines sexy photos chosen just for females with an entire online magazine"

For The Girls is a quality erotic website for women that combines sexy photos chosen just for females, with an entire online magazine with columns, fascinating articles, sex advice, humor and lots more. You get thousands of pics of sexy naked men, couples photos that will appeal to women, hardcore movies and steamy erotic fiction combined.

For the Girls sexy website for women features an online sexy webzine aimed at heterosexual women. Inside it you'll find erotic fiction, a cornucopia of women's health and sexuality articles and advice columns, reviews and a very intelligent and interesting daily blog by the woman who runs the site, the true genius of this place is that it dares to approach female sexuality in a sophisticated way without trying to remove any of the heat or humor.

Intelligent, empowering, beautiful, and very sexy! For the Girls fun section will keep you amused for hours. With flash games, jokes, naughty e-cards, horoscopes, sexy screensavers, porn bloopers, puzzles, and of course online shopping.

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For the Girls members say: "Truly a site that brings sensuality to sexuality, and breeds liberation to those who are afraid to explore sex. 2 dicks up!"

"A well thought out womens adult website with plenty of articles and media to appeal to women. Its like a mini Cosmopolitan with some raunchy pics and video to get you in the mood. The amount of written information is far greater than on your average “girly porn” site, and given we all know how girls just love to read a good magazine, this site is bang on for its target audience. It could only have been run by women, and they are doing a damned fine job."

"The preview tour can't describe how amazing this site is. I signed up for a month, now I'll subscribe. Not just for the pictures! The variety of media, articles, the chance to ask a guy questions. This isn't really a porn site. It's a sensual, fun, informative, erotic, adult site."

"For the Girls - what every woman has been looking for, a bit of everything for everybody, fun and affordable, a must have on any girls computer"

"For the Girls very strongly appeals to women in a tasteful way. The reviews are very informative and it has helped re-establish our sex life which is very important"

Browse the website now and you'll see for yourself what a tasteful and informative site this really is For the Girls

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