Japanese Girls

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I don't know whether you've ever been to Japan or not, but I can tell you that the girls there are really something. They also go wild over Western men, and will do anything to please them.

I go to Tokyo quite often and recently went to a sleazy backstreet strip joint, where we paid about 100 for a live sex show. The atmosphere inside was hot and there was a smell of sex about the place - hardly surprising in view of what we were about to see!

After waiting a few minutes, the curtain was pulled back to reveal the most stunning looking Japanese girl I had ever seen - and I had seen quite a few.

She was wearing a cute-looking sailor suit, and little white panties, which she seemed keen on showing us.

She kept bending over and exposing her panties, smiling as she did so, until the audience was going wild. There were about twenty of us in the audience, all shouting her to take her clothes off, but all she was doing was tease us. Then she beckoned to some guy at the front to go on stage, which he did very happily!

First she got him to lie on the floor, then she slowly lowered herself onto his smiling face, her legs apart and her panties inches away from him. She stopped for a few seconds, whilst he lay there grinning like a lunatic, expectantly. The girl's white cotton panties were stretched taut across her beautiful pussy, and she lowered herself still further onto the happy man.

His nose and mouth were covered with the white fabric as she pushed her cunt hard against his face.He looked to be breathing in very deeply - and loving every minute of it.

Her blue and white sailor dress had by now ridden right up her body, and she pulled it up still further to expose her milky white breasts, with chewy brown nipples.

The man still lay happily on the floor, but the girl then left him, calling six more men up from the audience.

Sadly, I was not one of them, but she said something which I did not understand, then she lay on the floor herself, pulling her beautiful legs up to her chin and letting them splay wide apart. We had the most fantastic view up her blue and white dress, right into the white panties covering her crotch. The men had obviously been here before, and had removed their trousers.

They were wanking furiously, and one after they other shot jets of cum all over the girl's panties and in her mouth. She was covered in creamy white semen, and was obviously enjoying the sensation, as her little pink tongue lapped in and out of her mouth, itself all covered in the sticky cream.

The man on the floor got up, and kissed the girl deeply on the mouth. He appeared to be enjoying himself and licked up the semen from her mouth, and she dribbled it into his mouth slowly.

One of the other men had started licking at her white cotton panties, which by now were all covered in sperm. Her legs were still wide apart, and her sailor dress was spattered with cum as well. He put his head between her legs, and sucked at the juicy mess, then grinned at the audience, his mouth covered in semen.

The girl pushed him out of the way to give us a better view of her panties, which she pulled to one side, showing her cunt to us. The sperm which had covered her panties had dribbled into her cunt, and it was a marvellous sight.

She pulled the white panties tight across her vagina again, and we then noticed a yellow stain spreading across the white cotton fabric.

Slowly the white fabric turned to yellow, and a trickle of urine dribbled through her panties onto the stage. She pulled the panties to one side again, and a jet of yellow fluid spurted out, staining her dress as it did so.

Another of the men pressed his face into the wet, yellow, stained panties, breathing in the scent of the girl, the spunk and the piss. He looked very happy.

The girl then pulled her soaking wet panties to one side again and stood over the same man, and started pissing all over his face.

He looked even happier, as the yellow fluid ran from the girl's cunt all over him, into his eyes and mouth.

As a parting gesture, the girl tossed the panties into the audience, and after a bit of a scrum I managed to get them. I took them back to the hotel that evening, sniffed them quite a bit, and then spurted my own spunk all over them.

I still have them, and though they're dry now, of course, the smell is as good as ever, and I'll never forget the girl who they belonged to.

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