Longer Sex Stories

These stories are longer than most and may require some time to read. Generally this adult literature includes several chapters and may also be a continuation, or a series, by the same author.

Some of our popular series include:

The "Butt Monkey" series of Gay stories by Robert Furlong.

Brother and Sister Incest - The reality of an incestuous relationship.

The Cottage - Sex story series featuring the sexy adventures of two liberal couples.

Many other longer stories with chapters and series are listed below.

The Story List for This Category

  • Lavender Bay Dreamer - The guys all start masturbating, in a bukakke ring. Soon cum is spurting all over her and she is drenched in it
  • My Wife and the Mechanic - Before he put her on the bed he slowly pulled the sexy see through panties down increasing his pleasure and her humiliation
  • Spick and Span Nude Cleaners - She concluded that letting Henry share her sister with her was better than losing him for he was a red blooded man and needed his gratification
  • Brian - With her hand wrapped around my cock we spent the movie nestled and touching
  • Jennifer - We talked about many things and made love in every way two people can Jenny was especially fond of oral sex
  • New Lovers - She stood naked in front of her mirror and she questioned herself on what she should wear for the night
  • The Heist - Standing against the wall, her breast hang loosely as he began to gaze upon their beauty
  • Tina - She felt the erect cock as it pushed in against her soft curvy, but thick physique
  • Beach Time - He turned her around and with his hardened cock pocketing itself into her muscle like belly They kissed and they kissed and they kissed.
  • A Royal Fuck - His body surged with energy as his back rose off the mattress Even his rock hard ass came off it and when it did in a slippery manner she eased her finger flat underneath.
  • Brent & Tina on Shukat - Brent began the coital rhythm of sex and Tina met him thrust for thrust.
  • Part Time Lover - I felt the head of his big cock rub along my pussy and then he started pushing it in very slowly.
  • High School Graduate - With Stan on his back she moved over him and mounted him cowgirl style.
  • Jordan and His Wanton Cougar - Closing her eyes arching her back and almost screaming, she felt it enter her Her bosoms filled with desire as her backed arched and her tits thrust forward
  • The Road to Sex is Paved with a Friends Intentions - Her clit pounding with hunger and her nipples tight, pressed against the fabric of her short silk nightgown
  • All That it May Bring - I felt his hand move down towards my skirt and he grazed my soaking thong
  • Unsuspecting - Before I can protest she slides the straps off her shoulders and wiggles to let the dress fall to the floor
  • Sam and Ginny Forever - fellatio might have continued longer as Sam reveled in the new feelings but Ginny had given way to her passion filled emotions and demanded that he fuck her.
  • You're So Hot Amishi - Her clit throbbed as she spilled more of her juices coating their cocks
  • The Ties That Bind - Her breasts were full and well rounded and her bottom was curved and nicely shaped
  • How I Met my Wife - She came out dressed in a little short Fredericks dress and looked like a total knockout
  • You Have Mail - He started thrusting his large piston inside my vagina, slipping on my juices, faster and faster until I felt his torso tense up a little
  • Aunt and Nephew - she just lies there with her legs spread a little bit apart and she’s moving her ass around on the bed
  • Mickey and Peg - She dropped her negligee raised the covers on his bed and climbed in beside Mick where she moved to lightly caress him
  • Coming to America - She sat up onto her knees and reached her arms above and behind her head so that she looked like a swimwear model
  • Army Mom - Her fingers practically clawed at his back as she forced him into her
  • Resort Mom - My stiff throbbing cock deep inside her deep inside her amazing wonderful and oddly shaved pussy was like nothing else in this world
  • Triple Fantasies - desire, fantasy, dildos vibrators, erections, horny, cum, orgasms
  • Teacher, Thomas, and Mother's Day - She wanted to play a game with her son He listened to the rules and complied
  • Teds French Connection - He pushed up inside her harder and she shimmied hard against it grinding her cunt into his hard horny cock
  • Winter Wonderland - Mysterious cabin in wintery, snowy north brings about lust and sexual adventure for two unlikely individuals
  • Behind Enemy Lines - A sexy romantic war-time tale with a little twist at the end
  • Towel and a Tank Top - Looking to have my first threesome Tabitha and Jasmine were on the top of my list of women to have that experience with
  • Shy Assistant - They were on the bed her legs were spread out, and she fucked him as though that day was the last day on earth
  • Hefty Sex - Jeff fantasizes about Alicia finally hooking up after many years
  • Lucy And Dann - She had a vibrator sticking out off her pussy which was drenching the sheets and her hand was rubbing her clit
  • Wet - Girl and guy looking for new years eve dates meet before date
  • Moms Holiday Party - Daughter throws party and her mom makes out in sexual activity with two different guys
  • Chances Chance - Old west rider comes upon homestead
  • Three Day Snow In - On her couch lay her big fat and long vibrator
  • Harris Erections - Daphne thought about his erection and how that felt in her hands
  • Sister Maries Reunion - Sister Marie Begat an old acquaintance giving head to the lifeguard from her childhood days
  • Weekend Lovers - Part I - The teen moved forward and sat in his lap purposely rubbing her clothed pussy against his rock-hard cock
  • Mum and Me - Like me she had been intensely curious about sex and after fooling around with boys for a couple of years she finally went too far and got pregnant
  • Betrayal - Her hand would slowly glide down towards my belly and legs and as her hand slipped around my inner thighs
  • Basketball Recruit and Recruiters - Ashley after counseling with precarious neighbor gives blow job to recruiter
  • My Project with the Teacher - My plaid school skirt rolled up a bit higher my blouse open at the top three buttons a pink bra that matches my baby pink g string
  • Neighbors - Marcus needs reinstatement has sex with a chancellor
  • Marys Office Job - Mary accused of stealing wants to prove her innocence
  • Wifes First Date The Set Up - Dirty talk during sex between a husband and a wife escalates to the realm of reality for her when hubby makes the arrangements for her to have a date with the man she had fantasized about from work
  • Older Women make Beautiful Lovers - I am having sex with quite a few of these older ladies and they make such wonderful sex partners
  • Cum - I thrust harder and harder before squirting my load of semen up her cunt
  • My Highway Ride - I winked at him and bent to playfully lick the tip of his immense cock
  • Basketball Recruit and Aunt Sue - Ashleys neighbor comes to her rescue but gets eaten out
  • Surrogate Grandparents - Granddaughter helps grandparents have better sex life
  • My Day out of Town - I ran my right hand down my smooth belly and around to the curve of my hip
  • Anniversary Poker - Mike was the first to react and stroked his wifes nipples
  • Student Teacher Conference Carmens Revenge - Carmen gets gangbanged
  • Student Teacher Conference - I kept kissing her and started to suck her small perky little tits
  • Immorality of Sister Sardinia - My breasts bounced generously as I walked steadfastly towards my office
  • Ice Storm Get Together - There staring back up at him was her gorgeous and wide loaf of fat lying just underneath her belly but tucked nicely inside her hot pink pair of underwear.
  • Guilt - Shit, I get so horny sometimes even strawberry jello gives me a hard-on, why not my wife?
  • The Visit - Janet's hand was now moving in a regular manner as she manipulated her first two fingers between her thick cunt lips, moving them in a circular way around her clitoris
  • The Lap Dancers Sex Story - Her cries were blocked by his probing tongue as first his rough fingers and then his hard cock probed her virgin pussy.
  • Debbie The Cumslut - She had size 35C breasts, long slim legs and a face that boys and men had dreams about. She was also a groupie.
  • Wild Wife -
  • First Love -
  • The Sex Experiment -