Making Out with My Brother and Sister

Female silhouetteThis erotic sex story published on Dec 16, 2011 was written by Ruaridh and is from our Incest and Taboo section.
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"Two brothers masturbate and have sex with their big titted hot sister"

We'd always been close, my being the youngest with my sister Ann a year older than me and John a year older than her. It was my last year at school and I had got pretty obsessed with sex... I'd had a few fucks with girls in my class including one in the school caretaker's cupboard where we nearly got caught - that had made me even harder than usual and I came loads, I think because I secretly wanted someone to walk in on us!

It was the summer and I used to go around at home quite often just wearing my boxers or trunks. Mum and Dad were away quite a lot - John and Ann had both left home but came back often. This particular day it was very hot, and I was alone at home just wearing my skimpy pants and guzzling some beer. I'd also got some porn on the TV showing a couple of guys fucking a girl. My cock was getting hard and I was wanking it through my pants.

Suddenly I heard John's voice from behind me... "You dirty fucker - playing with that cock again are you?"

I was startled. He and Ann both had keys but he hadn't been round for a few weeks. Before I had time to say anything he had sat down on the sofa himself and stretched out. The porn was continuing to play but now one of the guys was sucking the other guy as he continued to fuck the girl.

John said "I could do with some of that myself" and he quickly unzipped his jeans and took out his cock, beginning to stiffen. John and I had had a couple of wank sessions but not for quite a while. I shed my pants and soon the two of us were grunting and moaning as we watched the porn, both of our thick cocks oozing precum which occasionally we would transfer to our mouths with our fingers. Great taste.

We were both really into an epic wank as the porn got hotter and hotter, so much so that we didn't hear the front door shut as sister Ann arrived. She came into the room just as I stood up to continue wanking. "Well little brother, not so little!" she said with a very odd look on her face.

"Fuck!" I shouted, and tried to cover up my throbbing cock. John was trying to stuff his back inside his jeans.

Ann looked at both of us, cocks shrivelling as we did so. She came round and sat down beside John. "That was quite a turn on" she said... "I've never had a threesome, so it would be good to keep the first one in the family..."

I looked at John and he stared right back. "Well" he said, "sounds like a hot idea to me?"

I knew I wanted to as my cock had started to harden again.

John said to Ann "You're a bit over dressed, then…how about letting us see yours?"

Ann was wearing a t shirt and jeans and she pulled the t shirt over her head. Fuck, no bra, and gorgeous tits. I immediately took one of them in my mouth, tweaking her nipple with my teeth as, down below, John was unfastening her jeans and lowering them and her knickers. Meanwhile Ann was feeling my cock, now fully hard. I was licking both her tits in turn while John had buried his face in Ann's cunt, licking her out as she moaned loudly. "Fuck me" she said, and John took his tongue away and guided his fat prick right into that juicy cunt. It was the horniest sight I'd ever seen, my bother fucking my sister as I then guided my own cock into her waiting mouth and started thrusting it down her throat.

We went at it for a few minutes, but I wanted some of that cunt action myself... I took my cock out of Ann's mouth and motioned to John that it was my turn to fuck Ann.

His cock plopped out of her cunt with a lovely squelching sound, and I replaced him, feeling her cunt muscles tighten round my cock. Fuck, it was so horny. I was pulling out after every thrust and then driving my cock back in. I couldn't see what John was doing but suddenly felt a finger playing with my own arse. Even as I registered it and thought "what the fuck" I realised the feeling was hot, and was making my fucking even more intense. Before I knew what I was saying I said to John "go on then - fuck me with that cock" and I could feel him apply some spit to my arse and then, as Ann continued to moan loudly while my cock pumped in and out of her, I felt his hard and fat cock gradually invade me. Fuck, it was big. I gritted my teeth and thought I could never take it, but John was persistent and it gradually filled me up. I couldn't believe it - my brother was fucking me as I fucked our sister.

We set up this motion so that my cock entered Ann as John withdrew from me. All three of us were moaning, and I knew I couldn't hold out much longer: I could feel my cock get harder and harder as Ann used those cunt muscles on it. I could feel the cum building up ready to explode and I withdrew my cock just in time to splatter a huge load over the front of her cunt, the first squirt reaching the underside of her tits. John was yelling like crazy…. "Fuck, I am gonna cum" and he withdrew his cock from my willing arse, pumping it like fuck. I suddenly shover my face nar the end of that cock and, right enough, his sticky jizz erupted out of his bell end and coated my face and mouth… what a sweet taste.

Can't wait for the next time... maybe I'll fuck John myself.

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