Oral Sex on Women

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"The best oral sex technique is based on a slow approach that is meant to increase the womans arousal"
The vagina is a sort of cave of wonders for most men. This organ that is so different from the penis in its physical shape has always been one of the most powerful turn-ons for men and also a constant source of attraction.

Men simply canít help being curious about it and also about the many techniques they can use on it to give pleasure. Fingers, toys, tongue, lips and penis, nearly all the small parts of our bodies that we can move at all have been used to please women.

And here are a few tips for all you people willing to make your lovers happy, but who are unsure of how to go about it. It doesnít really matter how you feel about going down on a woman; just keep in mind that she will love it if you really know how to do it and that she will probably be happy to reciprocate. What could be better than a hot lady going down on you and not just out of a sense of obligation, but because she actually wants to do it? Those who are already proficient at oral sex and only want to brush up their skills should read on. This information canít hurt you.

The best oral sex technique is based on a slow approach that is meant to increase the womanís arousal without spoiling the mood by being too rough. Start by spreading the labia with two fingers and licking her from the vaginal opening up to the clitoris. Keep at it for a while, changing the movement pattern from time to time, and then have a go at the vagina. Most of the nerve endings that convey the sensation of pleasure are located within the first few inches of the vagina. So stick your tongue in. It wonít go very far inside, but you can move it in circles just inside the opening.

Once the woman is hot enough that licking her vagina is not enough anymore, you can move on to the most sensitive target. Pull back her labia and bring the clitoris into the light. Now you can greet the clitoris with a quick suck. Just take it in your mouth, slide your lips up and down it and then let go. After the initial greeting, you can get to some serious business by taking the clitoris between your lips and flicking your tongue over it. The speed of the tongue depends on how sensitive the clitoris in question is.

Oral sex goes hand in hand with G-spot or anal stimulation. Itís perfectly natural that while your tongue is playing with the clitoris or tracing the labia, your fingers should wonder around. So stick a finger or two inside her vagina (the palm of your hand must face up), a couple of inches from the opening. Then move your fingers as if youíre making the ďcome hitherĒ sign on the front wall of the vagina. If youíre on target, you should feel a little bump in the wall and your lady should let out a cry of delight.

Alternatively, you can stick a finger inside her anus and introduce her to the exotic pleasure from beyond the Great Wall of the Vagina. Use lubrication on your finger and on her anus. Donít think youíre man enough to go in dry, because youíll only get a kick in the face. If you do it right, thereíll be heaven in store for you and more.

One of the most common licking techniques for the long haul is the alphabet technique. The basic idea is to move your tongue over her clitoris in the shape of all the letters in the alphabet. This suggestion accomplishes two goals at the same time because it allows the man to use some variation in the movement pattern, but not enough to spoil the mood, and to prevent the unskilled lover from using the same movements again and again until the lady gets bored.

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