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"Find out your partners username and password at dating sites like Adult friendfinder Eroticy and Sexyads and email account passwords"

So you think your wife, girlfriend or boyfriend may have joined an adult dating site like Adult Friendfinder? Well if your here searching to find out their username and password unfortunately its practicaly impossible to hack passwords from sites like Adult Friendfinder. BUT there are other ways to get passwords and other information including usernames and emails sent and received, plus record all the key strokes they have used and screen shots of messengers used!

If you suspect cheating by your girlfriend or boyfriend at sites like, Sexyads and Adultfriendfinder, then there are ways to find out if your husband or wife is being unfaithful to you by flirting and playing around on these adult dating sites.

The first thing you should do when you suspect your spouse may be cheating is join these dating sites yourself. YES you need to become a member yourself in order to browse the profiles and find their username. A lot of these adult sites only allow you to browse a limited number (if any) profiles unless you are a member. Don't worry, it will not cost you anything to join as a free member.

Once you are a free member then perform a profile search for your area to try and find your spouses username eg. If you are a guy living in Manhattan, New York and your wife is 38 yrs old, then use the sites search function - its best to use the advanced search found on most of these sites in order to select eye and hair color etc. to help narrow the search results from the sometimes thousands of search results returned. For instance there are currently 70,000 usernames and profiles of women seeking men in New York!

Another tip, instead of selecting 38 as the age its better to go several years younger eg. 34-38. Its typical behavior for adult dating site members to lower their age a few years.

Browse the adult profiles that your search results returned, many usersnames and profiles have pictures however beware, they may not be facial pictures! See if you recognise your spouses profile by the way the profile is worded or any distinguishing features in the profile picture(s).

Listed below are several of the most common adult dating sites that you should start your username search with. All are free to join and to search profiles. However you must use a valid email address when joining, as the sites will send you a comfirmation email to confirm you wish to join the dating site. Make sure you use a private email address that your spouse or lover doesnt know about or else they could find out you are trying to retrieve their username and password to spy on them. Yahoo offers a quick, easy, and free anonymous email address.

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