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"In any relationship, sex can quickly become a routine. It is unfortunate as it requires just a bit of effort to spice things up."

In any relationship, sex can quickly become a routine. It is unfortunate as it requires just a bit of effort to spice things up.

Even with a new lover, one can be worried, feeling like one is not good in the bed. Again, this is not the first thing to worry about.

It's not just your own actions that make a sexual encounter special, it is also the ambience of the room that you are using. You can use special drapes, special colors, use a few accessories like candles or roses petals. Don't let your bedroom be the usual shabby room, with a broken-down wardrobe in one corner, and a pile of magazines in the other. So set the scene carefully, make a few effort to prepare your evening.

Another important point to feel sexy is to dress sexy. The rules are simple.

Wear tight clothes that emphasizes the curves and contours of your body, and draw the eye to the genitals, chest, or buttocks. The best is either to have clothes which are difficult to take off (The idea being that you tease your partner before becoming accessible), or on the opposite, have clothes which are extremely easy to remove.

An interesting twist is to subvert your normal dress code: if you dress down in your everyday life, dress up for sex. If you normally dress very conservatively, dress provocatively. Shocking your partner by wearing something unexpected always has strong erotic power. Add realism to fantasies by dressing the part and devote a special part of your wardrobe to sex games. If (as a female) you usually wear pale, quiet cosmetics, try experimenting with bright red lipstick. Huge red lips are seen as universally sensual.

Underwear also has an important symbolic value in that it is the last item of clothing you remove before sex. When underwear is silky and sexy, it can have a wonderful aphrodisiac effect, making you feel great and ensuring that your partner is longing to get their hands on you.

As with any costume, underwear can help you play a sexual role with conviction. If you are a woman and you want to play inoocent and virginal, choose pure white underwear in silky fabrics. Confidence and experience is conveyed by black suspenders, stockings, panties and bra. If you want to make a brazen statement of lust, wear a red bustier. Use underwear as a sexual shothand to tell your partner what kind of sex you want.

Men have fewer types of underwear to choose from, but should not get complacent about underclothes. Instead, buy something your partner will find attractive. Black, silk boxer shorts are a good start.

Try to list with your partner the types of underwear you find sexy and those you cannot stand.


Sexy: Tight shorts - Lycra - Bright white underwear.

Not sexy:Stars and stripes boxer shorts - Anything green - Socks.

And do not forget about erotic jewelry (such as ankle bracelets) or henna tattos!

These points are simple but are really overlooked so many times, so be careful, do the small effort of preparing yourself well, and it will already change a lot and help you when you will have sex.

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